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By GemCurioThe1August 11, 2020 9:39pm — 81 replies
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So I met this Virgo guy at my work. He is very sweet and kind person. He initially show interest in me and I started liking him to. He started opening up to me. And share quite a private things about himself. I expressed my feeling to him and he back out
Virgo Men Body Type Preference
What is the body type Virgo men tend to prefer in a woman? Height, bust, hips, etc.
Female Virgo confuses me?
So my ex has me confused because first she says we’re better off as friends but goes on saying she loves me and I’m her everything and that I make her so incredibly happy. What is up with her ? Are all virgos so indecisive and selfish ?
Virgo sun, libra moon, Leo venus man. Give me details.
Virgo sun, libra moon, Leo venus man. In his late 40s. We've been communicating for about three weeks. Deep, insightful communication. Good mornings and good nights every day. Gives very thoughtful compliments. We had our first date yesterday and it was i
🌱 Any advice or guidance about my chart would be most appreciated. 🌕
Dear Community, I discovered this forum on Google after my girlfriend and I started to look into our natal charts. I would be very grateful if one of you would be able to spare a moment or two to shed some light on my natal chart results. I’m not reques
My new favorite youtubers.
I love the way these guys think. Objective non-judgemental and they are really good at seeing the big picture in things. Most of all their humour. Best video so far were they show these traits off but not as funny as their other videos.
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Emotionally unavailable Virgo man
Guys, I really don't know where to break my head!! I'm crying almost everyday now because of this man. I don't understand why hes so unresponsive when it comes to emotional talks. If you have followed up from my last post, long story short. We are recen
Virgo Meddling
This Virgo man and I haven't spoke to each other in over a year. Everyone told me to not concern myself with the fact that he never blocked me and to see it as he didn't care enough to even end all forms of communication. Lately I started going live on
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I’m Bi racial Jewish/Black. This topic is in no way meant to be offensive. Open conversation is for all race/gender/religion/sex etc. let’s remain human and humane. If you feel upset then vent if you indifferent then speak assumptions opinions your fact