Virgo... Do you Persue?

So, I'm just curious. When you meet a girl/ guy that you like and are attracted to... What qualities do you look for in
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lol I don't know, I relate dancing to sex so I'll be on the dance floor with you.

My ex who's a V and me T clicked well in bed... The thing is.. This V can not move.... And for me to keep coming back to them was obvious enough that I truly like him... I'm just hoping he can move those hips better in a real situation !! hehe ..

oh yeah lol
I was a little worry about that actually .. He was a realllll beginner at dancin... I'm preying for him to be okay in bed... Virgos r natrually good in bed right??? Let's hope so ImAO...

I never heard about people complaining about virgo's in bed, I generally hear good things.
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52 years old male from Newhaven, England
I love bob hair do's

and women that wear satin

yes,I know I'm shallow
Thanks all. It was 10 years ago. I'm at peace with it now. Stronger penalties yes...the guy got 15yrs but should be life in my opinion.

Virgo's are fast learners and dancing is least I think so. You should bring up that your a Taurus. I bet he'll look it up if he hasn't already. Plus it will make conversation. As far as the'll know soon enough (hehehe). The make out session will tell you what your in for.
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It may be the aries in my chart idk but pursuing is my favorite part of it. But I'll only do it if im getting some reciprocation and if my competition isn't guys that came in the picture after me, that's just insulting and I'll tell you to eat a dick then
Darth Virgo has spoken.
I could very easily make up a gigantic list of qualities that I find desirable in a partner, good looks, intellect, humor, etc., but in the end all it really comes down to for me is chemistry. I've dated some very attractive and intelligent people before whom, at least in theory, should have been fantastic but ended up being dull because we lacked a natural chemistry with one another. And vice versa, I've also run across persons that were less than my nitpicked ideal but with whom I shared a great rapport and found to be very exciting.

That's really all I ask for these days, is that personal connection which can't be feigned or manipulated, and when I run across a person that has or who has caught my eye I am most certainly willing to pursue them.
I definitely will pursue. But..she has to stay "worthy" of my pursuit. The moment the girl is really trying to play games (which I usually catch) or is flakey, etc..I'll lose interest.

I will pursue if I'm still interested, is the shorter answer.
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TMV . Great point , don't we all? . My Virgo ex is still presuing. I am definately not the smartest intellectual girl out there and I often brought that point up to him many times. He often said it will be dull and boring if we are the same etc. he has an intelligentually smart family you see. I didn't feel I fit in. Well educated family. I am very different in my own way . The V I mentioned earlier has not contacted
Me since he said he will set something up for us ( 2 days ago). I am a bull and I don't Persue. Texting him first is very unnatural to me so I am just going to be patient n go with the flow .... It's what I do best I suppose ...
"I dont miss things. I crave experiences.
A genuine connection and to be inspired by her.

Do I chase? Hell ya I chase! The chase is half the fun
from Australia
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Great! Seems Virgo men do like chasing after all.
Beautiful Virgo has us down pat! I'm a Virgo and yes I have been known to pursue... My last bf was a cappy and probably the love of my life... Not sure if I was having a moment but got too attached when he just wasn't ready but... Caps and virgos.... So great together!
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