Virgo girl (me) and Leo guy, what do you think?

So I have this leo guy on me right now. I had a huge crush on him that's why I took the chance for us to get to know each other. And we started hanging out, chatting on fb and stuff. I guess I was too assuming and controlling (virgo tendecies) that I didn
virgo and leo always vibe well, I'd give it a go
You like him 😁

So stop holding back and self sabotaging( we do that)

Relax, take a breather and let him court you.

If it all falls apart wat do u have to lose? Might as well enjoy it

But don't give it all at once- he is a fire sign- keep making him work but reward the chase too....

Geesh we can be so difficult
It's all in your mind.
So I have this leo guy on me right now. I had a huge crush on him that's why I took the chance for us to get to know each other. And we started hanging out, chatting on fb and stuff. I guess I was too assuming and controlling (virgo tendecies) that I didn't notice that I was forcing whatever was going on between us to manifest. I kinda felt down when I realized what I was doing (To be honest I felt bad because It was like forcing him to love me and I don't want that, as much as I like him) So I decided to disappear on him (I thought it was okay since we're not that close yet and we really don't have anything going on) I cut off communication with him. On the first week, it was a struggle for me since memories of our hang outs, messages, moments kept popping in my head (And as much as I love those times I don't want to be sad by just knowing I don't have a chance with him) And I thought after 1 month of not talking with him or anything will put a stop with our communication. I reactivated my fb after 1 month but then few days have passed out of nowhere he chatted me. And I as a person who's too kind and don't want to be rude, replied back. (Yeah I know, how pathetic of me, right?) So again, us talking, resumed. Our conversation just kept going like If I leave him a message (and he's probably busy) he'd reply and If I'm the one who's busy, I'll just reply to whatever he sent me (that's how we chatted). Until there was a time I reply to his message and I kept opening my acc. to see if he had already replied (None yet) but I saw him online. It went on like that for almost a week without replying to me but he's online ( I know it's petty of me but I just like him you know ) Aaand he finally replied, which I replied back easily (I suck, huh) So I decided for good to severe all ties with him,So I chatted him that I might not come back anymore because of personal reasons and finally said goodbye. Because it's not just good (plus i'm being a martyr) so I planned everything from not seeing him, cutting communication, farewell, and changing my look so he wouldn't recognize me. At that time it was summer break so I had all the time to self reflect and move on from him, little by little memories of ours weren't appearing that much and my focus shifted to other things which is good. Until he seldom pops in my thoughts. Before school started I already changed my look and focus on self- love. School started, I was happy with my studies and my friends, though yes I still think of him at times but not that much anymore because I'm satisfied with what I have already going at that time (I don't need him anymore) While at school I avoided all the possible place where I could meet him and pretty much I've done a great job. Until unexpectedly I ran onto him (It was too sudden for me, so I was like trying to calm my butter down) And he suddenly came up to me and talk to me (like boy, what you up to now?) and i just calmly said 'hey what's up' and his friend came out of the men's cr and look surprise but complimented my new look while leo guy just stuck his two thumbs at me. I cut our conversation at that time and said I need to get home already so I just said bye and left with my friends ( funny thing his birthday's tomorrow and I forgot to greet him when we met unexpectedly) So what I did was to reactivate my acc. and greet him there and then deactivated again (lmao, i know)

Fast forward I didn't really think of him anymore even though we've ran to each other the past week at that time. So meh continue with my life and friends.

Fast forward:
He came back to my life and I don't know why. I kept distancing myself from him because I said to myself that I've already let go of him so now he's free to go and flirt with someone he likes. But this guy keeps making plans with me and even asked me for my no. and I'm just denying him (making excuses, I have no phone, I 've got things to do.) He kept popping out of nowhere and my friends at that time keeps on teasing me( My every time reply to them was 'oh he's just probably bored or something, that's why he's here) I always question why was he there, why was he back again, what's he doing in my life, what's he planning. Plus I always doubt his actions like he has a hidden agenda with me or something. That's why my guard was always up whenever he's around. Then there was this time where he asked for a hug( I thought it's gonna be a 1 time thing) so I hugged him and somehow that hug became a thing for us everytime we meet and separate there's always a hug. At first I really don't know how to respond to his hugs and just stood there like an idiot, it was late, when I've gotten use to his hugs and responds to it.Then there was also times where he'd text me that he misses me and i'm just like (wtff)

And now I don't even know how we reached to the point that we have mutual understanding (feelings of one another). We go out a lot watch movies, then he'd drive me back to my place and the hug and the take cares. I haven't even imagine that whatever is going on between us right now would happen.

And recently we overnight with some friends and I'd notice he'd play the guitar and sang some of my songs (maybe it's just me but idk) sometimes he'd just sit reaaallyy close to me. Other times I can feel him looking at me but when I look at him I saw him looking away (you so confusing bruuh)
I sometimes don't get him.

So boys and gals what do you think?? hahaha I know it's too long but hey at least you've got a detailed story of my lovelife (lmao)

Any advice or what nots? or something?? )

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