Virgo woman and commitment

By onalmelinaJuly 27, 2021 12:18am — 33 replies
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hi all im rather confused if anyone can give me their perspective ive been talking to a virgo woman almost daily for the last 2 months shes spent time having deeper engaging conversations and has gone through patches early on asking questions about
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hi desperate for advice dont know anything about rising sun moons things me - male 42 august leo her - female 37 september virgo been together 19 years i was her first and only boyfriend in general relationship was good same ups and downs as an
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hey u guys im needing advice im kinda stuck and confuse i cant read her i dont understand her at times is that how it usually is with virgos sometimes shes into me other times shes not what the hell is going on do virgos play games like
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so i catch this virgo woman at work glancing at me from time to time she talks to her coworkers but gets quiet around me sometimes she smiles and looks down i kinda think she likes me but she s higher in the chain than i am just started my job but sh
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virgo women men do you like it when person you love is obsessed with you i mean scorpio level obesession here
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are hooooooot change my mind
what are your views about virgo woman also your experience with another virgo as a virgo yourself