Virgo's attitude

How relevant do fellow V's find their personna to be filled with the following traits: Accusatory Criticism Complim
from Virgo, NY, where they lay down the mack
"I'm like a dog-eared novel, passed over on the library shelf in a rare documen
How relevant do fellow V's find their personna to be filled with the following traits:


43 years old female
"""I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they'
Accusatory: How dare you ask me this question!
Criticism: This really isn't the best way to go about learning about virgos.
Complimentory: Then again, how clever of you to put this out there.
evaluative: I think there's much to be learned here.
Interpretive: Could we sub-categorize the responses into Jungian types?
Opinionated: I think Jung rocks! treetrunk you if you don't agree.
Explanatory: It's significant because the importance of Jung's break with Freud can't be underestimated.
Scrutinizing: But aren't you being just a bit too nit-picky and redundant when it comes to these qualities?
Judgemental: Redundant. See criticism above.

From this I conclude that anyone can be these things to one degree or another. Not just a virgo. What you're describing here can be my mother (an aquarius), my ex-boyfriend (a libra), and my advisor (a capricorn).
male from Indiana, USA
"Virgo Ferghus Clydelover. Ferghus is a Keltic name meaning a vi

Not here. Not from me anyway.


You must define this. There's critical negative, and critical positive. Negative would be someone who went around constantly being critical, sour, negative. Positive would be someone who sought to help, Critiquing your work, helping you to get it right... but only if you asked for such help.


It's something you have to work at. For me, I don't need compliments unless it's thanks for a job well done. But I realize that some folks need to be told they look good, dress nicely, etc... I have to make an effort to compliment others in this way.


It's part of being a Virgo. We evaluate, ponder, process data... in order to make carefull decisions.


Not sure about this one. Define Interpretive.


Yes, but also openminded. I have my opinions which I stick to, but only so far. I'm always open to discuss anything and everything. Doesn't mean my mind will be changed, but I enjoy the discussion.


You mean what I'm doing right now? LOL


Redundant. See "evalutative"


Sure... aren't we all? Depends if you judge fairly tho. That old bible quote about not judging... the English language has only one word for Judge. Greek has two, and the new testament was originally written in Greek. One Greek word for Judge means to make snap decisions. The other Greek word for judge means to judge carefully, fairly and justly.
from Southern Diva
Accusatory--> used to be something that I did alot when I was younger. But the older I get, the more I'm starting to grow out of this.

Criticism--> This comes as natural as breathing to a Virgo. But we do not intend for it to come across in a bad way. This is a result of the fact that we are very observant and intuitive. And once we have completed observing, the next natural step is to analyze what we have observed. After that information has been gathered, we then do away with the good things or the things that do not need work. Why focus on the good things that are already in order when there are bad things or things that are out of place the need work to better yourself as a person? THIS is where criticism comes into play. To better one's self or to help other people realize things about themselves that can be better. HOWEVER, even though I used to do this out of Love for the other person, I've learned that people do not like for their bad traits to be pointed out and magnified. I still do this, but in a more subtle way. I may ask a question that will have that individual pondering for the next couple of hours on what I said or asked. And I'm also learning that you get along and get further with people when you concentrate on the good and magnify the good. Then everything else falls into place.

Complimentory--> We are giving and kind individuals, this includes compliments. Anything we can do to make a person feel loved. Be it friendship, family or a significant other...

evaluative--> Observant? of course. Who isn't?

Interpretive--> Intuitive and interpretive....yeah.

Opinionated--> VERY VERY VERY opinionated. But I'm learning to keep my opinions to myself so as to not offend other people. I also realized that when I express my opinions, it comes across as me thinking that I am better than everyone else. Especially when it comes to other women. So I've learned to keep this part of my personality in a box.

Explanatory--> Yes. As you can see, It is difficult for me to say everything I need to say in a short one sentence answer. Because If I did that, then I would feel as though I am leaving out something that is crucial to me getting my point accross. (I'm working on this too)
Scrutinizing--> Refer to explanation above for "Critisism"
Judgemental--> Refer to explanation above for "Critisism"
from Southern Diva
"Ferghus--->Yes, but also openminded. I have my opinions which I stick to, but only so far. I'm always open to discuss anything and everything. Doesn't mean my mind will be changed, but I enjoy the discussion."

Couldn't have said it better myself. And people often "mistake" this for me not being able to think for myself, when in fact, I've already made up my mind, but it doesnt hurt to listen to different aspects as well. Doesent mean that I need help making up my mind at all.
29 years old male from a different point of view
It's all on a need-to-know basis.
rather than just open minded I'd say Broad Minded because I know better than to just be taken away by everyone else's point of view; I as a man, have to maintain my own beliefs and stand points, but I'm big enough and usually humble enough to expand even further and entertain a mulititude of possibility; I'm tolerant and I'm such a human sign (that's what Virgo is a Human sign which in my opinion should be a catergory on it's own) that I can't stand to see another person singled out or isolated. I'll fight for that other person becuase I believe that there is something in EVERYONE that makes them extrodinary. I won't stop until I've shown everyone that this person deserves as much respect as everyone else. I'm the WRONG person to come to about gossip, or pettiness; I can't stand how people dog each other out about this and that, and forget the most obvious thing; this person is a damned human, tell me is it lonely up there on that pedestol?! SHEESH....

*VE walks off pissed....grumbling to himself*
29 years old male from a different point of view
It's all on a need-to-know basis.
A free-thinking individual is aware of their own beliefs, but has the power to entertain others as well in admiration. That's what I can say I admire about Virg's as a whole; we are always willing (even with more frequency than our so-called critical natures) to be tolerant, and open minded to everyone. That's what makes the world go round. I usually want everyone around me to be positive, and idealistic; the world is what we make it, so why not step up, and change it? One person at a time.
29 years old male from a different point of view
It's all on a need-to-know basis.
On a side note, I don't like quotes; they're subjective....that was THAT persons interpretation of life, and I value my individuality above and beyond anything else becuase I know that no one, sees life quite like I do, so simply by being myself I'm already colliding against the mainstream; that has been my problem for my whole life; had not been for the god-given gift of individuality could there ever be freedom? Free from what? whom? If we we're all created in intstrumentality, we'd have no use for it, and what a twisted life it would would be at a stand still, no movement, just stagnation; we'd be one, and for better, and for worse....nothing to me could be worse than lacking a self, and point of view; losing myself has got to be my greatest fear. Not being able to recognize life and what it means to me on my own. The Subjectivity of Objectivity......Personally, I can't follow behind a conservative movement becuase the idvidual is constantly changing, and conservation is going against the 'grand plan' it sustains 'order' but not 'reason'. It is human nature, to be in a struggle with oneself, and the world at large at times; (isn't that what our sign is about? Coming into contact with the self, and the fear that it isn't complete/perfect?; that we don't meet our high ideals of perfection and doing by all means whatever it takes to get there?) We finally learn that by being tolerant, and broad minded and flexible do we come to know that we can become complete/perfect by joining our 'other' our partner, soul mate, ect.....growing past the worst part of our nature to get to the best of ourselves that subjective idea of perfection we all have; Angels/Virgins are loving, divine creatures that are pure, and strong with ideals and positive notions; what is the point to condemn, and PURPOSELY harm another human being that hasn't struck you first?. I believe that if human beings took full acceptance of their own beliefs ideals and took responsibility for themselves and their short commings we could all find our idvidual destinies.
58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune

58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
I just love the way people say .. it's just horoscope, it's not all true, these traits .. when someone has something bad to say.

Then, when someone says something complimentary .. people strut around all proud and butter and have nothing derogatory to say about people being judgemental.

Wake up call .. being judgemental is just that .. beit good or bad.
58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
Add .. that wasn't intended towards you VK .. just a general statement.
58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
That's ok, my Virgo is explanatory, too, lol

Thanks for realizing that that was just a statement across the board, and not specifically aimed.

VK .. when somebody tells you that your art sucks .. that's not a negative, rather a perspective of individual taste. There's plenty of music I think sucks big-time .. yet, others love it. If someone tells you that, it just means that it isn't their style , it isn't thier good taste buds.

So long as it makes you "feel" .. that's all that matters. What kind of music do you make?
57 years old male from Norway
Accusatory: never accused anyone in my entire life! People have their own way of life
Criticism: yeah alot
Complimentary: only to my objects of affections
evaluative: yeah
Interpretive: never
Opinionated: sometimes! (if it is my own opinion about the private matters, I'll keep it to myself) don't we all..??
Explanatory: always
Scrutinizing; sure
Judgemental: not at all
58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
Country music is ok .. didn't realize that it could take on a spanish style to it. I'll bet it sounds really good.

I like spanish rock .. Santana is awesome.

Out of the list .. my Virgo only does explanations and compliments. He loves to compliment people, even the ones who don't deserve it .. which of course, sends me into a hissy fit.

::onders whether that's done on purpose to push Fish over the edge:::
57 years old male from Norway
Errr...Santana is mexican!
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