What turns a Virgo man on♥️

By OHNOXoxoMarch 21, 2018 12:29pm — 25 replies
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i have read some of the topics about virgo men and i decided to share my experience here as well so i can vent and get it out of my system i myself am a scorpio woman if it matters about 9 months ago i joined this online group where this one guy was
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interesting combination i wonder why
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ha just scanning the topics i see this is a hot one i ve been talking to a virgo guy scorpio girl here for about five months now we met through work my work contracts the place he works for essentially by fluke one day ended up calling him look
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i know they can be awkward but today my experience was super awkward that i felt uncomfortable i had a client who i was speaking to this evening he told me how was going to have pizza for dinner then he said how he hoped i didn t have to work
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while hes away for a 4 day stag party i feel odd bugging him haha considering we just chat and have hung out a couple times why on earth would he want a girl to text or call while hes up to boy shenanigans virgo men are odd creatures lol
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virgo man joked on my joke which went the way other and i happened to say something nasty he said how could you say something like that and i dont want to talk how do i make it better do you guys like to be told sorry like hundred times or shou