what's the pettiest reason you broke things off with someone

im bored lol
By Gem03November 17, 2021 3:16pm — 44 replies
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my virgo man and me became apart due to silly misunderstandings i dont want to lose him what to do
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i hurted my virgo man at every point when he loved me there started misunderstandings between him and me when i started to lash out at him and made him feel like i like someone else he blocked me finally i didnt call him again or didnt ask him again
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so i have been friends with this man for 5 years now he had been having troubles with his boyfriend and asked me for advice i gave him the unfiltered opinion i had of his partner which led to us fighting and now he has blocked me its been 2 months bt
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can you say something to us i would be very grateful from him sun virgio 8 18 44 in house 10 directly moon cancer 7 35 16 in house 8 directly mercury libra 2 17 32 end of house 10 directly venus virgo 0 43 09 end of house 9 negative development
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met this guy and he moved on really fast he was a player type who goes on a new date every day but he kind of wanted to start a relationships me very fast - after a month he asked me to be his gf after two months to move in together he talked about m
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i did not plan this but i find it funny i am an aries with a mars lilith and n node in virgo my boss my two mentors one man and one woman my good business friend and my good lawyer friend are all virgos when i have a problem i tend to ask them
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hello everyone please excuse my language i do not speak english well i met a virgin man about 2 months ago added it to ig i am a virgin myself and by ascendant i am aquarius september 10th 1981 i was born his birthday is on september 2nd he doesn