Kites roaring high Sand creatures pacing below Flowing waves in power Sunflares blind with an everlasting glow Aer
A very old poem, written in the throes of love (or madness, by any other name.) ;) Rebirth From a dark womb ha
So vague So gone So distant All dissolved in an instant Feelings; Emotions once Fully present No more problems No
To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism To steal from many is research Why?
Cold air stealing space in my nostrils Like ribbons tying and tangling Relief that they take the place of dead expecta
You gave me life one day beside the ocean. I see you in the curve of lips, the sweep of brow, the hue of eyes. The s
Some people have been kind enough to tell me I have a old soul and that I am ahead of my time, If thats the case, I
I did not speak for you today. Could not. would not. I held your loved ones tight. Let my tears mingle. Crystalline
Am I sober or drunk? I don't know... My thoughts and feelings are so clear Yet confusion takes over me.... I wa
Very inspiring! Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond meas

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My bf went on to say last night how he has so many people in his life that he feels bad about not making time for, he then went off to rhyme off about 56 folk. REALLY?!? Ok not that many say about 15 +/- That apparently know him and vice versa on a deep l
Ppl hate hella hard But I'm sure every one of us Leo moons have followers on dxp and real life So it makes me curious to see ppl hating on Leo moons like we bring nothing to the table yet being all over our ass otherwise
Can you tell from this chart at all why it is that a relationship hasn't worked out for me? Ascendant 23:34 Scorpio Jysetha Sun 23:37 Leo Purvaphalguni Moon 19:10 Scorpio Jyestha Mars 00:10 Libra Chitra Mer
Started talking with a Libra sun, scorpio moon, Leo Venus male, we'll call him James, 2 weeks ago. I'm a leo sun, scorpio moon, gal with Mars and Venus Libra. It's an amazing energy between us and I do feel there is a significant reason he's in my life. I
This is for the gamers to post their screenshots they take while having fun playing their games. Dunno for PS4 users but X1 users can send their screenshots to OneDrive. As for PC users, well you should know how to manage that butter so Google It if you don
All talk on the new DXPIL season is to happen here por favor. I will be starting season 2 in a couple of hours That thread will be for Game Picks only [IMG][/IMG]
Wtf with this. This dodo emails me after i havent seen him for 16 years. I was on tv for something last week and he happened to see it. He finds my contact info through my business. Im not on any social media at all so he just found one of my websites and
I know my reputation ain't the best around but lately butter has me in a lil whirl wind. Im starting to understand partially what survivors remorse is. I'm from a small town in Texas. Big enough for a nice juco but still small. Im 30 and some of my closest
Men and woman I believe they can be different
I'm just gonna go ahead and leave this here on your thread... again. [IMG][/IMG] 🤣🤣🤣
Libra: 1- Which sign made you feel like more? 2- Which sign made you feel trapped? (Less) 3- The sign that loved you most? (Think like in a pure genuine way. / The sign that really loved all of you. with all your qualities and flaws ) and #
He's being targeted because he exposed that Hollywood exec that grabbed his crotch. He tweeted this: assailant Adam Venit is the founding partner at @WME, a corporation worth over $8 billion. I believe my family is being tracked and possibly bugged.