• Carriage 02

    Slither of light disturbed the peace For once you were dreaming or were you asleep? The sweet comfort of darkness fade
  • A Thought

    I recently gave a friend my thoughts on how to deal with life and people. The human race is an unfinished organic p
  • **Beach Time**

    Kites roaring high Sand creatures pacing below Flowing waves in power Sunflares blind with an everlasting glow Aer
  • Rebirth

    A very old poem, written in the throes of love (or madness, by any other name.) ;) Rebirth From a dark womb ha
  • **Untouched Past**

    So vague So gone So distant All dissolved in an instant Feelings; Emotions once Fully present No more problems No

    james tate
    To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism To steal from many is research Why?
  • Blown away

    Cold air stealing space in my nostrils Like ribbons tying and tangling Relief that they take the place of dead expecta
  • From Taurus to Pisces

    You gave me life one day beside the ocean. I see you in the curve of lips, the sweep of brow, the hue of eyes. The s
  • Turmoil

    Some people have been kind enough to tell me I have a old soul and that I am ahead of my time, If thats the case, I
  • I did not

    I did not speak for you today. Could not. would not. I held your loved ones tight. Let my tears mingle. Crystalline
  • Inward Revelation contd...

    Am I sober or drunk? I don't know... My thoughts and feelings are so clear Yet confusion takes over me.... I wa
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  • Exactly What It’s Like To Date The 12 Women Of The Zodiac - Taurus

    https://thoughtcatalog.com/natalia-vela/2018/03/exactly-what-its-like-to-date-the-12-women-of-the-zodiac/ A Taurus woman is grounded, responsible and patient. She is thinking long-term with her partner. You don’t rush things with her. You must demonstr
  • Does the law of attraction work......

    in terms of finding a mate? new friends?
  • Cancer giving me some serious mixed signals?

    Just a couple of posts from another place that I posted from and didn't get much help, so I'm going to try this here. Post #1: Sooo I'm a little bummed. I met this guy last week, and we've been on a couple of dates, and have been texting pretty freque
  • What does a leo appreciate?

    My boyfriend’s starsign is leo. Moon sign cancer and mercury and venus is also in cancer. I was thinking about a surprise party for his birthday. Is that something a leo would appreciate or are they too private?
  • when science finally confirms

    What you've known intuitively for your whole life
  • Please tell about our compatibility

    He is 10th feb. 1985 born. Sun was in Aquarius at 21° 12'. Moon in Libra at 20° 31'. Mercury was in Aquarius at 14° 12'. Venus in Aries at 06° 43'. Mars was in Aries at 05° 28'. Jupiter in Aquarius at 00° 46'. Saturn was in Scorpio at 27° 34'.
  • Was I too Mean to this Bull?

    I've known him for a good spell. We dated, had 3somes, went to swinger parties, we happily ran the hedonistic spectrum. But, he didn't what your gurl. He wanted to marry this other girl. Cool, Go be with God. But he reaches out wanting me to b
  • My Aquarius man detached and ignoring commiunication

    We are in an LDR - 1.5 years now. We last saw each other weekend of April 20. I am going to see him again June 16 weekend. We last spoke two Tuesdays ago. The last time I texted him was this past Saturday - before that - Saturday before Memorial Day.

    Only cancer please! How when and why Would you go back to an ex ???
  • What is your favourite Quincunx sign?

    So every sign have two Quincunx match, which one is your favourite? And why? Aries - Virgo & Scorpio Taurus - Libra & Sagittarius Gemini - Scorpio & Capricorn Cancer - Sagittarius & Aquarius Leo - Capricorn & Pisces Virgo - Aries & Aquarius Libra
  • No body hair? Female ver.

    Should dudettes have no body hair? Especially at the fun zone? I mean why should we become hairless? hairy legs are really unique. Even hairy armpits. Disclaimer: Not making fun of @anothertaurusguy, more inspirational and serious because I also am cur