The air pierced by a woman???s screams of humiliated despair A mother a wife wronged by her service Wronged by her bod
The Harvard writers presents to students or who do work but didn???t time to write there thesis ,we are here to help you
Walk with me.. I want to shyly slip my hand into yours and tell you what I cannot say without worrying about stepping
a landscape whips past the side of her face. a grand escape at an intimidating pace she's curled up around this figure
Once there was a Happy Dofacc Full of wonder and cheer When that certain person Happened to draw near But it was
Sometimes in life you have to hit rock bottom where the shadow that follows you is the only one who is willing to talk,
Sometimes in life you have to hit rock bottom where the shadow that follows you is the only one who is willing to talk,
Sometimes in life you have to hit rock bottom where the shadow that follows you is the only one who is willing to talk,
I am tired of chasing, tracing circles around you, waiting for you to connect the dot. This isn't a conundrum, You d
There was a time when I drove through setting sun kissed golden hills off the sublime shore of the end of the world wher
I. Remember, the first day we met, The day my smile met your frown; a look you reserved for strangers, like a makes
I wake, wanting to share sunrise with him, to nestle under duvet and feel his warmth against my skin, our legs i
Meh feel so alive when meh don't tip di gunja. Mehs a type of bod gyal who wan smoke like chimney every stinking bloodcl
To someone retired, can you end with happy holidays? Remember, they have assured you they are thoroughly enjoying t

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My aqua bf had a LEO ex. She is 7 years older than him. I'm 15 years younger than him.. LOL.. and we all work together. I found out through coworkers that they dated before I met him and I believe it. I asked him, he denied it and said "no babe, she's not
Hello, so I went on a date yesterday with a guy I've been talking to for about a month now. The date was fun, and went very well. But I was wondering what y'all think about this pairing. We are opposing signs, so I'm curious about what you all think.
I knew him for 3 years, he had a girlfriend at the time but he flirted with me a lot like he wasn't taken. He would give me hints I guess to see if I liked him too, I did of course but didn't show it. This summer I told him I liked him. He asked me for
Some backstory on me.. I am a 26 year old leo woman, who's been single since October 2015 (I ended a 3 year relationship ). I saw a guy on Instagram and ended up DMing him. Flash forward to now and we've been talking every day, since July 5th. The con
Cancers! how long are you a relationship before you start thinking about the popping the question? this guy is puzzling, no one knows why he did what he did, he had a good life, lots of money, retired, lady friends. But something turned sideways in his head and now here
Love moves mountains!!! Love surpasses obstacles!!! A Sagittarius in love is the most romantic loyal lover! Find you one and you'll see. When that arrow of love strikes its over!! We're not going anywhere. Stubborn Sagittarius puts all pride asi
Don't live in the same city, broke up after one person graduated. because one person are moving home. but now the girl just graduated in May, still live in the same city where she went to school. would there ever be a chance, will he even want to ?
Sag male has broken up with me twice. Dated for a year and 2 months then broke up for 4 months and dated again cause of him for another 5 months. We have been broken up again for 4 months almost and he’s been saying he missed me so much and hasn’t been wi
How important is it and what is it?
So next year I have a progressed new moon (when progressed sun and moon conjunct, starts a new life cycle for the next 27-28ish years) in Virgo. It's going to be conjunct my progressed midheaven, all at 6 degrees. My processed mercury is also in Virgo.
So I met this man at a a party about 10 days ago randomly. He started asking me questions about myself and even asked for my number. He complimented my eyes, dress, and everything about me. After that, I told him I was going to go the bathroom (I wanted t
Which house is Neptune in your chart? How does the placement there affect you?
A Libra here who started dating a Capricorn guy a few months ago. I'm Libra, Pisces rising, Aries moon. He's Capricorn, Libra rising, Gemini moon. Everything was great, then a few weeks ago he ended the romantic relationship and gave me a vague reason say
I haven't written an actual topic in a while. Suicide is one of those topics that can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to discuss. I myself have never been suicidal, but I've known those who have been, some of whom unfortunately have taken their lives
I'm curious. Do guys think you're easy or they're flattered?