She felt a strong Inward Revelation. At times it seems difficult to describe these feelings as the period of time sh
Children conquering boulders; Smiling, achievement in their eyes. Processed from an insignificant act of LOVE, Placed
Perception vanishing into abyss. Sight obscured by maliciousness. Projecting a void of mysteries, lies of the unknown.
Chosen to play an unwanted role By an uncontrollable balance Born from tainted soil To be a part of the ongoing battl
The air pierced by a woman???s screams of humiliated despair A mother a wife wronged by her service Wronged by her bod
The Harvard writers presents to students or who do work but didn???t time to write there thesis ,we are here to help you
Walk with me.. I want to shyly slip my hand into yours and tell you what I cannot say without worrying about stepping
a landscape whips past the side of her face. a grand escape at an intimidating pace she's curled up around this figure
Once there was a Happy Dofacc Full of wonder and cheer When that certain person Happened to draw near But it was
Sometimes in life you have to hit rock bottom where the shadow that follows you is the only one who is willing to talk,
Sometimes in life you have to hit rock bottom where the shadow that follows you is the only one who is willing to talk,

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When I leave him He takes it out on my shoelaces So slip ons from now on
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