• We are all meant to shine

    Very inspiring! Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond meas
  • Inward Revelation...

    She felt a strong Inward Revelation. At times it seems difficult to describe these feelings as the period of time sh
  • Aging Child

    Children conquering boulders; Smiling, achievement in their eyes. Processed from an insignificant act of LOVE, Placed
  • Dazed

    Perception vanishing into abyss. Sight obscured by maliciousness. Projecting a void of mysteries, lies of the unknown.
  • The Constant Battle

    Chosen to play an unwanted role By an uncontrollable balance Born from tainted soil To be a part of the ongoing battl
  • Branded

    The air pierced by a woman???s screams of humiliated despair A mother a wife wronged by her service Wronged by her bod
  • Essay | Writing Services by The Harvard Writers

    The Harvard writers presents to students or who do work but didn???t time to write there thesis ,we are here to help you
  • New Beginnings

    Walk with me.. I want to shyly slip my hand into yours and tell you what I cannot say without worrying about stepping
  • glimpse of the heroine's crest

    a landscape whips past the side of her face. a grand escape at an intimidating pace she's curled up around this figure
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  • Please suggest some good online free Novels sites.

    Please suggest some good online free Novels sites.
  • Aqua man didn’t meet up with me, why?

    He told me he was coming to my city for the past month and we didn’t speak 2 weeks before he came (i then saw that he put an insta story up of a girl — at her house — on the couch — under blankets). so the day came when he was in my city and i texted him
  • I hate Fast Food, sweet stuff like deserts & fizzy drinks (soda)

    (bored thread) I like pizza from time to time as long as I see the whole thing being made in front of me (ESPECIALLY the base). Anyone one else hate fast food 'restaurants', chocolate, nasty fatty ice cream, soda ESPECIALLY Coke ?? I mean I eat A L
  • Why is he so rude to me?

    The guy in question is a Leo and I'm a virgo, we both got scorpio moons. I'm starting to believe the stuff I read now on how incompatible they are. 🤔 We've been dating for about a year on and off. Sometimes he's ok, other times the things he does
  • DJ and Ands

    truth be told, i find them very insecure about themselves. it isn't funny but when you notice and blabber about other people's not-so-good attributes on a daily basis, i think there's something utterly wrong with you. for instance, DJ always talks abou
  • Cancer - win her back

    So I just met this Cancer woman online Sat. Since I was just goofing around and she asked for a pic, I just found one randomly online and sent it. Things moved fast in 24 hours and i felt guilty. So, I was honest and told her the truth. Also, provided my
  • Song Lyrics

    post your short lyrics from your favorite songs. i like short yet powerful and meaningful sentences. i need inspiration for my monday morning.
  • Chill Music Thread (Headphones Recommended)

    Please inset anything mellow, deep, dark, trippy, or intellectual here. It could be anything that opens your mind in a weird way, or makes your creativity run wild. https://youtu.be/Iwny9yZ63DA
  • Placements of a golddigger in astrology in my family

    So my Capricorn niece only likes rich man often bragged about many things and told me i am nothing and she will have an infinity pool and that i will be poor and that i will not accomplish anything simply because i have a lower degree then her she still l
  • My jealous Taurus Sister in Law

    I am a Pisces married to a Capricorn man. He has a 3 years younger sister who is a taurus. Her age is 28. She is always jealous of me and the way I dress, do my hair, copies my selections and decision, the way I talk, etc. She hates when I do somethin

    .More user friendly .More dynamic .More interactive please
  • Aries man broke up

    He broke up. He sent me the message via text, and our lives are not exactly collided in order for me to appear around and show him any improvements or 'new beginning' as all the astrology sites are saying. Basically, if we break up and there is no inte
  • Notifications for PMs

    Can we get notifications for PMs/DMs as well? It's really tedious having to click on Account then click again on DMs. This is a pain, especially when I miss DMs from a teammate during a DXP game. Fix this!
  • 12th House in synastry

    So I probably should've made this topic instead of my other one... but I'll reiterate what I said anyways. Most recently, I've been attracting Geminis and Cancers, Geminis on the later end and Cancers on the very early end; and the attraction has been mu