Sit down now. Let me take your face between my hands, Straddling you. As I kiss your face softly, cheeks, temples, b
most precious sweet melody from this black face listless dissonance in a one person game patience her other name a
Woman is like a Rose. Tightly budded with promise. Shyly resting on calyx and leaf. Deeper color without, Resting w
Rite of passage. Milestone. Marker. Each piece bearing a story of its own. An idea, a feeling, an event, a sorrow S
I am a flower petal. A single blue flower petal. Don???t know why I was chosen to be separated from my flower. But I
You've built a wall. Distance. Space, an infinite void. With hurtful words That wound. An intentional slight, Pur
What is this green painted steel illusion? To my mind is confusion Enclosing the childhood I once knew Even a reason
The Moon hangs in the sky A milky gem suspended in Deep shades of purple and blue. Her soft light twining down, Fa
My lad has eyes of brown His fur is black and tan He greets me every day With laughter Unconditional devotion Compl
Sunlight sparkling off the Ocean The smells of salt and surf in my head Cry of bird overhead. Large blossom in my hai
Would you like me to touch you...there? ( oh where ) May I my lips here? ( yes, there ) Can I ...float arou
Ay yo ma you got what I need, twat and relief Jus keep, the whisper in my ear, like Alish You freak, you get me so gee
To my dear libra man: why do you pull me in as if I was the soul that belonged to your heart. why do you charm me so
Rising up from the underbelly, The quagmire, The Deep Clawing and fighting your Way out from under Ink, rock and
Softly caressing your face Sliding my hand into yours Smiling up into your eyes. Taking you into my care. Everything
Emerging from a bath, Water droplets clinging to skin. Scent. Wrist. Throat. Backs of ears. Between the breasts.
Soft silk Kisses Moonlight Dancing Walks Feathers Lace Stroking Surrender Falling Down.. Down... Down.. Ins
Placing one foot in front of the other I tread onto the grass. Feeling that pulse in the ground. Bare skin taking in t
Electricity flashing over skin Harnessing the lightening Zeus The Hammer of Thor A spark ignites Combustion Flame
It's M.O.B. forever, see the leather Me fly? Not a priority, you need the feathers Cheeks of freaks I squeeze and bles
For you I would tattoo me With lines crossing into a hand And a heart that would never bleed With the twilight And
When you entrust your heart to another human, it is not a light thing. Whether it goes quickly or slowly, it matters no
Raising up from the water Liquid running down in rivers Rose petals clinging to skin Cat eyes on fire Step up the st
Haha. The only piece of writing I ever done that doesn't make me cringe coming back to it:
There is a wall I've built. Strong Stone Covered in ivy. Lush Green It goes around my heart. Tender Soft To pro

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I was pretty confused when I first started coming here. A new relationship wirh a Cap and all. I really don't know if it was Venus retrograde or just helping getting a good understanding of how Caps operate, or the baggage we brought to the relationship,
Prices Negotiable. Hot Items! Cop 'em while supplies last. Item #1: Roger Maris bobblehead Made out of ceramic. butterty balance and topples over. Doesn't look like Roger Maris $3.00 Item #2: Red wig. Us
take the test to see how you score. I score 47. You are somewhat shy.
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