i kept a thick skin held a measure of disbelief i almost turned around just like i always did before i gave it a so
I will not talk I will not speak Just falling through the cracks And life goes on it always does I???ll hibernate, I
My, original poem, written twelve-billion years ago..give or take a millennium. The Hunted, The howl of the wolf,
???Always do the things you think you can never do???. I did. I made the call. And it doesn???t matter that the voice on
How long can I still be around you? How can I turn back the time? Every minute and every second is precious I don't
Dancing in the darkness The flame went out And licked the surface Of the wind Gently she fueled Underneath and abo
i could give you butterflies, put some sparkle in your eyes. it's such a shame that you could never see the best i
thump. thump. thump. thump. thump thump. thump thump. thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thum
When we meet...... Posted Mar 17 # Will I meet your expectations # I will not know until our eyes meet # Then
I forgive you....... Posted Mar 17 I forgive you for making me feel the way you did I forgive you for touching me
my last breath & i saw you watching over me! to this day i let my fears take control me, my only thought was a movment!
show and tell, a feast of strenghts. i'll knock you down with a beautiful revenge. and if you stand too tall against m
slow down baby, let's take it coyly see through, windows to your soul. eyes like water, drown everything. tell me i
My love would be youthful if i knew of the future. My love would be without boundaries?? If i knew how to control it.
As a frustrated groan broke out from one member of the class, a huge smile broke out on my face that I tried to hide by
A child turns into a girl, A girl turns into a woman, A woman turns into a flower Provided she was given all the righ
my beautiful 17 yr old daughter, has been in DC since friday night. she was there, among the millions. now somewh
Take Over, Invade... Reside, And Remain. Command, Possess... Arrest, And Control. Absorb, Involve... Engag
I am the blood of those which your kind killed The blood of the innocent Which they spilled with ease I am the spiri
nothing will ever seem the same when you leave the beginning you start the end. the safest place is so near but yet s
I drink to your health when I'm with you, I drink to your health when I'm alone, I drink to your health so often, I'm
Black-Whipping Mist. Ripping Sails in the dark. The captain screams, but orders go unheard, carried on the gale.
This is one of the stories I'm working on. It's a vampire/werewolf story. Still working on it, but not quiet sure if I s
You Speak Dixie! 30% Dixie 25% Yankee 20% General American English 15% Upper Midwestern 5% Midweste

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So, I met an Aquarius man who ended up becoming my treetrunk buddy. We hit it off immediately as we were obviously both attracted to each other and the vibe/conversation flowed so easily. The first time I went to his place, he was really sweet and funny and
https://sg.news.yahoo.com/texas-kindergarten-teacher-allegedly-had-162628459.html @_@
I'm in Japan with my mother. I think I lived there and somehow I'm going to the trip for free from my friend who's obsessed with Japan. I remember that I took one of the meat by accidents (because it kept for my birthday) since were planning to eat our o
without major surgery or facelifts etc... I feel like I have a droopy face, I want this taught look! GRRRR!
in pain, hurt, like you don't want to ever fall for it ever again. I've tried the whole " get out there and meet new men, date new men" and it ends up just feeling forced even with a nice guy. Void of all feelings. No spark nothing. And I'm talkin
I'm going to try to keep this simple. I have a great Virguy friend who I've recently started working with/for. He's been jokingly flirting a lot lately. However, after knowing him better (by working together), I find that he annoys me a lot, there are
How does your brain process a scenario such as that ? or have you ever gone back to an ex at all, why ? and did it work?
Hi all! Questions for those that have experienced the Cap silent retreat after a big fight: Did anything change when he came back? Did you take him back? Did YOU change anything and did your feelings change for him? For me, I haven't ta
Male and female responses please. If you also know their moons, or other placements, that would be great too. Thanks in advance!
I don't feel like I relate to my Moon sign [img]http://i.imgur.com/vS3AAsa.gif[/img]
I'm a Scorpio sun at 20°, 3rd decan pisces rising 24°, aries moon, capricorn: venus,mars,and neptune, Sagittarius mercury and medium coli, but with a virgo true node. Ok, so I have severe OCD combined with hypochondria, ADD, insomnia, body dysmorphia, and
seen this online was amused credit to (user oceanwitch) ARIES AS THE ROGUE COP He’s quick to anger, and he does what he wants. He breaks protocol, and isn’t opposed to beating suspects to get information. To cover his tracks, he also forges and thr
I know we gotta lot of them XD post a video that describe how you feel lately https://media2.giphy.com/media/ft2C2l1bBuXyo/giphy.gif
So (correct me if I'm wrong) it sounds like there are users here who aren't fans of dating, or prefer not to date. Why is this? I myself am not a serial/compulsive dater, but I see the benefits of the process. Sounds like a lot of relationship issues can
I think I've posted on here before but I've not seen it since so here I go. I saw a Capricorn a while back and he talked to me every day. Even at work he'd talk to me (tut tut). Then I confessed my feelings and he was like "woah- no". I felt upset but I g
I have a strong belief that when a person is born, he or she gets exposed to all the astral energies of that moment. These energies will, more or less, influence the person he or she is going to be. My grandmother was born on October 14 but officially
i want to disobey to mom but i can't