• Real

    Real pain ravage not the bones,Real pain ravageth ones soul Real love does not seek the physical,Real love seeks a co

    james tate
    I am on the road again with willy on the c/d player I triped down to Calais a couple hundard miles away passed thro
  • k.o.

    Im in this ring with you circling sparring jarring I keep tryna knock you out I keep tryna knock you... A fe
  • A little poetry.-

    I originally posted this in the Pisces forum but I figured I would share it with everybody else as well. :) RADIAN
  • Y

    Words come out in resonance As I past in first glance A person subtle and sweet How did we ever met? Killed my hea
  • theres something inside me

    theres something inside me, that causes my eyes to tear, and sends throughout my body pulses of fear.
  • Ramblings

    there must be a lot of love in the world for you to piss away mine or maybe my love is faulty? cos this isn't the ver
  • Decisions

    Taking refuge behind the wings of a saint,stained by the blood of a sinner,Who knew all these trials would only lead me
  • washing away

    it feels so good. a lullaby lull and the moon is full, my heart is engulfing, I'm simply on fire! alive and distemper
  • Recent Discussions of Rage, Makes Me Remember...

    Evolution of Instinct I felt, the flesh crush in my teeth I smelled, the rage rush in my breath I broke, the s

    james tate
    To all this Naples a wounderful site With people here workin' by day and by night. But I'd far rather be, where the mo

    james tate
  • buddies

    I will hold your hair back when you vomit Hand you tissues when you cry I???ll laugh with you and share your grief Un
  • Cant Handle The Truth

    I have to write down how HE makes me feel. I'm too embarassed to be honest with anyone about my true feelings and concer
  • Kinda hard.

    Its so hard to rekindle the flame when both parties left their union lost in the wind So hard to see my way through the

    The bells of war chime loudly while the government sings with the music of bloodshed in unison The poverty stricken y
  • A share :)

    It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting i
  • Potterings

    Someone recently questioned my faith. My beliefs. It got me to thinking as I do. How do you explain how you are at th
  • Recent Topics

  • Aqua Sun and Venus

    You surprise me 1000x I was adjusting to you being cold and distant. Being aloof. But now.....OMG. You prove me once again that you are an unpredictable mothertreetrunker. I’m on your gmail and you email me from work. But you also text me on Whatsapp. You
  • In 2 minds

    I’d appreciate others opinions. My first grandchild (a boy) is due on July 13th to my oldest daughter. Been waiting for a while for this exciting event. My daughter had a couple miscarriages over the last year. She’s happily married (2 years) with a v
  • Wonderful World of Exes

    WTF is going on lately... I swear in the last week I've had 4 people "pop" back up into my life. Two of which I haven't spoken to in over a year. One's a cappy who I adore even though he has commitment issues, says he still has feelings for me. My sag cam
  • Nicki Minaj

    Went the fawk off in both her new songs. She even gave the rest of horses a shout out. I've had both on repeat. How do other saggis feel about what transpired between her and Cardi and her new music. I feel like she used the retrograde to ge
  • Bélier Amoureux

    Describe an Aries man when in love.
  • Should I email my Virgo ex about surprise concert tickets I have?

    Two months ago I bought concert tickets to one my Virgo ex's favorite indie bands as a surprise and forgot the show is this Tuesday until my google calendar issued a reminder notification about it this evening. Long story short, I noticed the same indie b
  • Dating Anxiety, Worth It ?

    Is dating worth it, for all the anxiety it causes ? Sometimes, it makes me wonder if I am better of single. Lots of attention, zero anxiety. Whereas daring, the rollercoaster ride of whether or not, someone is interested. Especially with modern tec
  • Cancer and Libra

    Just to ask. Does anyone see any similarities between Cancer and Libra?
  • How to keep a Sag's flame going or basically how to keep them interested?

    So this is the same Sag I met online and we managed to click right away because I'm an Aquarius rising and she has the same moon as me. However, it's been a month and I find that our convos are still going but it's just shorter and kind of boring. I want
  • Blocking out memories

    Have/ do any of you ever block out negative events, and to what extent? Have you ever done it so well that there's huge chunks of your life completely gone? Or you remember things differently, and when people tell you stuff that's happened you're just l
  • Have you ever been in love with a cheater??

    Did you stay? If so why?? Did you leave?? I would understand why lol
  • Helena of Troy

    We all know the story. We have seen the movies. Maybe even read the book. The legend of Troy. Is it myth? Is it truth? We don't know. What we do know is that it's about two kingdoms going to war because the prince of Troy decided that he wanted the wife o
  • Male Aquarian - Female Taurus

    Am Aquarian and my crush is Taurus...what do I do ?
  • Signs a Scorpio man is not interested

    He WILL NOT initiate conversations with you He WILL NOT ask you to hang out He will basically not acknowledge your existence