step out with me into the great unknown the world's at our feet lets make it our home I'm looking at you
I was feeling so excited I could not sit still. I was walking all around the house, either talking to my mother or sitti
Ladies: Stop going to the salon, wearing make-up, applying fake nails etc., tanning (if you do) & going to the gym. The
something i wrote back in april of 07 for this guy i was infatuated with.... boy oh boy twere good times. Saccharin
cause after i stuff myself with deeeelishes foods, the fingers are set ablaize. [present] There I am, naked under th
its hard to describe the connection between two people that have never met and yet feel so strongly for one another. may
Shhhhhh Silence must be heard Listen to the voice of your soul, And in the deepest of your mind... Find the light
Sit down Close your eyes Hear the voice Feel the pain.... I'm the pain! Touch my skin Feel the coldness Don't b
I light the cigarette, And i stare at it!! Slowly it burns... Softly it dies! I look at you.. The cuts are deep
My chips are down now. It's time to face my life. But it's hard, my past. I've been stabbed with a guilty knife. I c
Now what exactly you mean by dissertation template? I asked my friend to help me woth m,y dissertation project but he to
I blame my past, because now I'm desensitized I do try to feel but I only analyze The obvious can't be redundant enoug
i'm so lit by the zirconia sky take my hand guide me through. i... need to tell god that i'm coming up and he's bou
..blurry drunken escapade at a punk bar ends on meditative note. Stretched The hot club air hit her like a shotgla
It breaks the noise in half, Silence completes the days ahead With streets on lockdown. Vacuum Tunnels eat your body
your voice, it's hollow. but speaks wonderfully. your voice shuffles, giving it away to the next. your voice wraps
Red: Color of poison Color of drink Color of hair Treason, deceit. Red: Color of hearts, Lips ready for take off
Selfish, taking it all apart. Liquefying with easy little thoughts, Taking on a challenge within myself To keep your
His name was shy of just 3 little letters. From the ceiling dangled open wires, Intertwining my legs while I lay on a
I need a place to organize my thoughts or I'm sure to go mad!!!!! Lets see: 1. Redo my class schedule 2. Laundry
I am in the process of compiling a manuscript and I am at the stage of getting ready to submit to a publisher. I need to
Hi! This is for those of you that have a knowledge of legal writing. I would like to know how you begin? Do you outline
Chinese martial art is the ancestor of kick boxing. Kick boxing is a small part of copy from Chinese martial art, ot
Hi, I would like to know if you or anyone you know suffer from any of the following disorders, 1)Touretts Syndrome:
Have you ever met someone And thought they were beautiful? Have you ever witnessed a smile From a stranger that warme

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You can add some more names if you want Jasmine Vanessa Christina Maria Aurora Gracie Charlette Brianna Destiny Vicky Victoria Crystal Psalm Cody Gabriel Jonathon Jeremiah Jordan Micheal Mike Josh Maverick Torrance Raul Chr
Example: today I was talking to the guy I was gonna buy a nice 97 vw from on the 7th, found out he sold it with out notifying me and so with in two hours I have found a new car, planned a date to buy it and now I'm set. I can network, make plans, even sc
I'm a cancer with sag moon, I was wondering what would make a Aquarius with a Sag moon stop speaking. We where talking fine and one day I didn't speak because I was having a bad day. And everything went downhill afterwards. I didn't see him for two days a
Explain your relationship to work. How has it impacted your personal relationships, if at all?
Yes I'm volunteering you. So my knees hurt. Every time i bend them. I have had one knee hurt and i thought it was from track in high-school...but that was very long ago...but now both hurt anytime i bend my knees. Like if i squat it's very painful.
Which man is better for compatibility with this woman? Woman: Sun: Gemini Moon: Taurus Mercury: Taurus Venus: Gemini Mars: Scorpio Man 1: Sun: scorp Moon: sag Mercury: sag Venus: libra Mars: libra Man 2: Sun: Virgo Moon: s
Biggest pet peeve: People telling me how to feel about a situation, what about y'all??
Some guys just go to the gym 20 hours per day talk like an person with dawn syndrome and looks like they fear like 'sensitive' things, also some of them looks like have an gay paranoia or something lol, but when they need to be an real man and solve probl
Like your Sun is in Cancer, their Jup in Cancer. Were they exhilirating? Did it feel like they expanded your energy ?
I bought one ..would you believe i broke the nozzle and now i can't get the product out of the bottle ..I keep doing this with bottles actually so annoying! Thanks for all replies :)
Ladies.. Create a dick code for the type of package you most desire and post it here. Build it and they will come.
My Knight In Shining Armor-Where is he?   As a Capricorn woman people expect us to be invincible, and it’s true we do have spines of steel and can handle anything you throw at us. We might take a few minutes to recoop and get our bearings, but you can
25, Female, queer. Birthday Jully 22nd 1991 Cancer Sun, Sag Moon....Ascending....?? Iv been following this forum for a few months, and it helped me to read everyone's stories. So thank you! I love hip hop. Writing. Falling in love. And treetrunking it up.
Sun 17°10' Leo Moon 7°04' Aries Mercury 10°19' Virgo Venus 12°25' Leo Mars 16°58' Я Aquarius Jupiter 27°01' Scorpio Saturn 5°09' Gemini Uranus 10°40' Libra Neptune 0°18' Я Sagittarius Pluto 28°01' Virgo Chiron 13°3
Left seattle to go back to new york without telling me i guess she no longer see's us as friends. two things happened last year. 1) I yelled at her for not coming to my event on time, lots of miscommunication, she screamed and yelled at me, sweat
Pisces man 1 - Someone I adore and I feel connected to. We've been on many dates and have this magnetic attraction. Has goals and a decent career going. I am starting to develope feelings for. P-Man1 and I have not committed to each other. Pisces man