Don't you ever think That when you are away I do not have you in my mind Cradled in my hands Beating with my heart
Waking up and groaning, burrowing deeper under my blankets Seriously? So soon? I look at the clock hatefully, eyes n
her voice echos into memory. her words sear. she crafts a heart deep into her palm. and there it will wait blindly e
Here we go again, Walgreens will not sell me notebooks,office max banned me from the pencils and pens Bloods hate me
If my head holds one thought wise and clear, it's you. Poor as I am, what I hold dear is you. No matter how I see
Adrift Lazily and dreamily smiling Layers of what is to be Pulling warmth and care around me A shimmering defense
i wrote this paper for a scholarship, and it turns out the original topic required had nothing to do with my paper LOL s
Shop for Sale at Ayodhya Chowk. Suitable for Godown. Price Rs.6,90,000 Only. (Negotiable) Call # 8750000874
i wish i could rip my treetrunking head open, cut out the peice of my brain out that makes me keep remembering you and incine
I slip a white hand reverently over the calm glass of the water Palm out my fingers gently stroke the surface, breaking
I see that impression of us in the air, Of were we used to go where we used to stare, I wish things were the way they
My heartbreak is now the past,when it calls the number has changed,it can no longer get in touch with me Money is of li
i love the night, it brings the calm. dark. no lights i walk along. i speak the to stars, humble of their presence
I sit cross legged on the floor Cradling to myself What others perceive as a simple marble Swirls of Ocean Greens, b
Blind,all i heard was the shot,i did not see the man who shot the pistol to start the race Blind,all i felt was the imp
I have a novel manuscript of a high-flying and fun reincarnational adventure, full of poetry and new-age themes. It is
Another day another death I go to the church a friend has passed away They lay him to rest in this holy ground

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