I never said it would be easy to give me your deeply wounded heart,You think your the only one who is skeptical of true
What causes an honest man to tell a bold face lie? What causes a heartless killer to sit in a 6x9 cement confine and
When you convince a man against his will, Though he is of the same opinion still. -Unknown
It had been a hard day at work... but the weather was nice... still sunny, warm.. well, warm enough. T-shirt weather.
6th August by Arthur Leggatt Some of you young folk sicken me When you survey the past from here - today. Ignor
The sun shines in a purple haze Upon my once beautiful face. Dreams lay Dead, my glazed eyes lost in a maze The suns
All I wanted was someone to approve,instead they told me i write dark,disturbed,and that i need help for various mental
I feel confined in my heart shaped box Beating very slowly, fading fast.... There is no sunshine where I am.... Stand
When the day of judgment comes,i hope the angels know me on a first name basis,a chance to encounter a place with no vin
Gaddafi is gone and they sent him away so sad because i wish he could've stayed our politicians call him a tyrant and
Here I sit, mind drifting Imagining how things will be, what they can be. What will your eyes do when you see me befor
leaving everything and everyone i knew all because the decision made by you you complain and are scared because of the
When I think of you.. I feel at peace When I dream of you.. We dance in moonlight under the stars.. Gliding into a r
I embrace my aloneness I was thrust into its cold, dark grip Shrouded There was once one I truly loved She beckone
Life is ever so teaching when simple problems become a complex situation it takes discipline to lie dormant and wait fo
see our hands come together in the gloom? i to you, you to me and so we collide seamlessly. there's no secret to the
That Space No longer has her name upon it That Face No longer haunts my dreams That Grace No longer stirs my so

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How many others here have this placing? I love it, it seems perfect to me. Blends horribly with my aries venus, but I'm
Hello everyone, I met a 25year old cancer guy (I am 26) and we are so affectionate with each other, he said he has never been so intimate with someone as with me, but we have not had sex yet. We were going on dates every other day for 2 weeks, initiated
anyone else with it? curious about how other people are experiencing it. i have pluto at 0 degrees in scorpio in the 8th house. which is about as pluto as a pluto can get. but i don't FEEL super plutonian? (yes this is another i'm not scorpio dom
Post any songs that you like, enjoy, or has meaning to you which is in a language that is not English. Any and all languages are welcome. :)
I feel like buying my Leo something. I feel like buying him something super useful and special and having it delivered to him as a surprise. Better yet i feel like just doing something to knock his socks off. Make his whole week. I dont live near h
So, I've discovered something that's really shocking. Mars in cancer has the ability to be SCARIER than both Aries Mars and Scorpio Mars Let me explain cause I know some people are about to get in their feelings. As a cancer mars myself, I've noti
moon in scorpio man wants me to have his child? what are your thoughts on this?
Hello everyone. I am a Leo Woman and i am currently talking to an Aquarius Man (who is 19 yrs my senior) for about 6 weeks now. We met online and we have not met face to face. For the first three weeks we spoke a lot on social media about vari
Of u DXPers going to be at the sound factory reunion Halloween party on the 28th?
I have a very close friend who has been going through a rough time for quite a few years now. I don't have many friends, but this has been a dear one for a decade now. I have watched him grow since he was 14 years old. Very intelligent, self aware guy, I
Hi guys! Quick question... involved with an Aries Man and I’ve been noticing pretty much everything I say he mimics and mirrors. I know it’s a natural thing when your close to someone and I do it as well sometimes but he does it a lot Is this a comment tr
So I'm a Scorpio. I met this Taurus man on a dating site. We had been texting for about a week nonstop before we met. One of us would text in the morning or during the day or later that night to communicate. We met up this past Thursday and I couldn't tel
So I don't know how the rest of the Scorpio population feels about this, but I for one can't even if I wanted to. Like I
So okay first of all, thank you all who takes the time reading this posting and giving me advise. Please help I do really like this guy and also I don't wanna lose him as a friend. So i met this guys about 2 month ago,we both in our 20s when we first
what's is your vertex and what does it represent? Use of the Vertex in astrology is debated—–those who use the Vertex generally feel it is a point of karmic or fated connection. Some consider it a point of “wish fulfillment”. It is perhaps most widely