Hi! This is for those of you that have a knowledge of legal writing. I would like to know how you begin? Do you outline
Chinese martial art is the ancestor of kick boxing. Kick boxing is a small part of copy from Chinese martial art, ot
Hi, I would like to know if you or anyone you know suffer from any of the following disorders, 1)Touretts Syndrome:
Have you ever met someone And thought they were beautiful? Have you ever witnessed a smile From a stranger that warme
I want some help with my dissertation writing project. Please tell me some resources for guidance!
Crackle goes the pop rocks, inside her delicate mouth. Washes down like sweet river, flowing with magenta rays.
I am an aspiring writer and i would most certainly appreciate your advice on certain things. 1. In terms of submitting
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - Expect cheers among hardcore online game enthusiasts when they learn Merriam-Webster's Word of the
I love you because I love you because you're stunning. And soon you will be coming. I love you because you're sma
I tried of hearing people complain about what they do not have in life... Then be a complete stage hog when naming ALL
'cause I wear that silly grin the moment you come into view; chances are you think that I'm in love with yoou.
I found 15$ crinkled bucks in my sports bra. ...Who wants a dollar for lunch?
Why do we say, I'm sorry as a reply to a painful thing that happened to someone else, when we had NOTHING to do with t
Earlier this morning, I found a $10 bill that was WIDELY exposed on the ground. (So ANYONE could have picked it up.)
This story is based on true love story in some place i lived by. Is about a friend named,Widya. Widya - was in love
Soul-ja boy. Yeah, I'm da man. Dey be lookin' at muh neck sayin', Dat's da Rubba-baaaaaand Maaaaaaaaaaaan. ((((((
..When people forget something the memory is written above their heads or In the back of their heads? Hahahah. Yo
Hahahahahhaahah. Hahhahahahaha. Hahhahaha. HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha. This dude got on the
Most people attempt to change their life by focusing on what they can do to change the outside. They desperately search
The Melencholy Moon illuminates a face I know, chin up-tilted to the stars mouth whispering a name. No one hears t
Fire of the cave, molds the sands of time to the channel of ones mind, when entered the free lights of compassion expr
Delayed gratification is a thing of the past. Look around you. Credit cards, technology, and human weakness all contri
Carbon Sky.. Abandoned by blue... Gulping down light, as ghostly ushers guide you through this hall of pines. Whis
This one i wrote while my father was dieing.... Helpless? Its a real helpless feeling when someone you love is

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Weird. We had a mutual decision about he breakup. He didntwant to have kids, divorce his ex and all so we broke up. The other night sent him a message to ask about my house key because he did not return it after we broke up. Its the inly thing he didn
I have Saturn conjunct Sun in Pisces in the 5th house. I've been trying to understand this damn aspect for sooooo long, but I'm getting a million and one DIFFERENT descriptions. Whoever has this aspect AND/OR knows something about it, share a little of yo
Virgo man advice please !!!!! Hey so I'm a Pisces woman that has been seeing this Virgo man for a month now. We met at a party, where we shared this intense but awkward eye contact moment. I approached him and he asked for my number stating that he liked
I'm an aries and my boyfriend is a scorpio and we are about to take our final exams. He doesn't feel confident with them at all, and he is too lazy to study. He says it's too late for him to start, he already feels like he lost his chance because he didn'
I hv a pretty interesting story. I hope you will enjoy it and give me some helpful feedback. I currently work in a foreign country, of arabic origin. Im in a creative field and l hv a management position. My boss, who is younger with 6 years than me, is
I have to give credit where credit is due. I have to say that you guys make good loyal friends. I wouldn't go near a sag male for a relationship ever again (I'm hoping my last destination is my Taurus bf) but I have a sag male friend and he is loya
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU5dexDTXE8 I am not in it but the feels! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/7a/76/65/7a7665a6fda56f564d3f564d90b38763.jpg
I'm not talking inspired by, or looking up to someone else, I'm talking full blown silence of the lamb butter, trying to do everything exactly alike including hair, clothes, SKIN TONE, PHRASES, PICTURES, MANNERISMS... trying to be someone else in a weird wa
Can somebody please tell me from this video if I'm inside or outside the dxp clique? https://youtu.be/VU5dexDTXE8
The idea is simple, you will mention what traits of the sign mentioned you love and hate and why, after that you mention a Sign for the next user... Example: Taurus Hate: Laziness and the materialistic mindset especially when its the sun or venus
as a proven guru of face reading and the original aesthetic king of dxp, I am in a charitable mood today. I will read your face in terms of aura, personality and fortune. As an international male model with insider secrets out the ying yang, I can c
Or do you dance like a goofy person in heat? Do you ever dance even though you CAN'T dance? lmfao. If you can dance, do you dance all seriously like you're doing full on choreography like a crazy person? :P Explain your dancing ways ~ https://ww
Wondering if this would produce two people who had similar "love languages" and went at the same pace, or a total disaster of chasing and backing off. I only recently met this guy, but AGAIN he's got a damn Scorpio Moon (last two guys I've dated over
I feel like caps have an effect of being a good influence to certain people and bring out threat truth in a person and that's amazing
https://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/miscellaneous/what-ego-death-actually-is-7926165/ I got to page 2 and realized I was losing the ability to do simple math. Read it to your own peril.
What's up with Taurus moon/Scorpio sun combo chooses Scorpio sun women? is it the Mars too and the Venus. When astrologers say that for men it's the Venus and Moon for long term durability, I noticed a pattern, with Taurus moon, their long ter