When I think of you.. I feel at peace When I dream of you.. We dance in moonlight under the stars.. Gliding into a r
I embrace my aloneness I was thrust into its cold, dark grip Shrouded There was once one I truly loved She beckone
Life is ever so teaching when simple problems become a complex situation it takes discipline to lie dormant and wait fo
see our hands come together in the gloom? i to you, you to me and so we collide seamlessly. there's no secret to the
That Space No longer has her name upon it That Face No longer haunts my dreams That Grace No longer stirs my so
W hat if i told you under the cool calm exterior there's a passion and desire that burns deep within what if i o
came here on the wings of despair, flick the ash from my square,bow my head and meditate in prayer, kill my adv
one of the most beautiful things in life,is when a boy meets a girl he likes,and in his mind some of the things he want
How can i forget the way you smiled,the way you talked with the eyes Your sweet voice still is alive in my ears,though
*this poem is from 2008 when my sons mom kept me from him for about a year and 2 months,this was about 6 months in,i kep
I DID NOT WRITE THIS I lay awake tonite Because I wanna be with u If u were beside me I???d playfully kiss u Ea
All is well when nothing is well if one will be well in the wake of hell. The end.
RADICAL is what they exclaim i say NOT REALLY, IM JUST treetrunkING INSANE the voices are very different but they all sou
I am so far from perfect,i carry a cross with a multitude of flaws Running from the hevens of sin,trying to catch angel
this is not the way its supposed to be why do i feel like im the only one who can see? this is not the way its suppose
compassion comes in all shapes and sizes but the lack of, sometimes surprises it seems humans devolve and become more
i speak to you in rough tongue savagery barely restrained how dare you? open me thus wide and escape in a rumble of d
i can not seem to leave the winds of adversity,i have become another one of life's bitter casualties,basking in light,th
Everything I am beats within my heart. It knows no barriers, does not recognize time. It flies free, on glossy wings
Life seems so uninspired,when your down on your luck,they accelerate over your limp soul with all four tires,they say th
Lust it is amazing to observe how many of our personal goals and undaunted passions are driven by pure lust. when

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How many of you are your own brand? You either know what I’m asking or you don’t. Lol. That doesn’t mean if you do, you are, or if you don’t, you aren't. That just means if you don’t, you may; however, you didn’t realize there was a difference, so y
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Hi, I ve read it often and I think I have that Tendency, that Taurus Men pick women, that are not very compatible and will most likely difficult to live with? Many Taurus end up with air and fire signs (and scorpio lol), but if were more reason
I am Taurus and he is a Cancer sign. We saw each other for two weeks in November and he was the most caring and romantic guy I have met so far, then I was on vacation for five weeks (dec-Jan). He called it off during my vacation as he was not full
I give two possible answers: 1) They begin to extinct hahaha, not really. 2) Our brain is disfunctional Possible answer no. 3 bonus : The universe is playing games with us....... :O What do you think???? :p
.....or read about it? Looks amazing and cooks healthy meals in minutes...apparently. I've been reading reviews and it sounds like a great product. Am thinking of buying one https://www.highstreettv.com/pressure-king-pro-3l-8-in-1-digital-pres