Life seems so uninspired,when your down on your luck,they accelerate over your limp soul with all four tires,they say th
Lust it is amazing to observe how many of our personal goals and undaunted passions are driven by pure lust. when
closet treasures encompass me yes, the heady scents waft in one inhalation i'm brought before you n'oubliez pas, my f
when i look into those eyes i see a soul that will change the world green swirls are just the surface of the deep blue
UR GAY yea u heard me thats what i say cuz i got a hunch that this mothatreetrunka gay now lemme tell you why cuz this
oh dear right hand how you are valuable so you keep my needs satisfied so i dont have to chase hoes because girls wa
Make up your mind,is it poor white trash,wigger,or stupid Anglo Saxon,if you think you know me,i apologize,you only know
My definition of romance,broke in a one bedroom happy as could be while me,you,and John legend slow dance Telling you
Reaching out to feel the breezes flow over my skin, Standing stock still to hear the whispers and laughter on the wind
if you take a look at our great nations history you must come to the rationalization that if you stand for a righteous c
poetry,i remember when we first met i was young ,maybe around 6th grade you were so kind even back then,you said just
Writing to my son Dane Tyler,if i don't see you by February it will have been a year Writing while i stare at your pi
whats more rewarding?, striking your enemy with precise revenge,or letting their ego starve by not acknowledging their n
I the soldier am a different breed not like you. I the soldier fight the war for God and Country not for you. Are
Leos are staunch and loyal they stick through thick and thin when you feel all alone sometime - stop and feel that wa
Peculiar in the sense every individuals take on beauty is different It could be the heroin users first hit in the mor
this is the story of a young warrior,not in the sense of combat and battle but a warrior who encourages hardships in
i never had a large sum of money,but i became a millionaire on September 4th,2005,when my son made his long awaited debu
When i opt to keep your clothing on,and attempt to make love to your mind When your heart is racing out of control,i
When i am down it is broken by Seether, If i go to war it is me and Nas in the two seater with ether bud smokers
the time is august 28th,2005 and i am in New Orleans on top of a roof watching pieces of my life and human death float b
Inspired by rock and hip hop culture,the thoughts come randomly,before they go i swoop in like a vulture, I fly to my n

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do you know anyone who keeps dating just this one sign one after the other? like how all beyonce's boyfriends are always sagittarius does getting into relationships with one sign have some sort of karmic implications for the person?
Seeking knowledge in regards to my Leo Sun in 4th/5th(sun is conjunct the 5th house cusp but technically in/at the end of the 4th house - 3°4 Leo sun & 5th house cusp starts at 3°36 Leo) being conjunct my Leo North Node in 4th/5th(both are also conjunct P
Is it bad combination for relationships? I have sun and moon conjuct in saggitarius in 5th house, venus in cap in 6th, leo asc, node in 7th in aqua and I have real trouble in finding partner, meet someone who is "for me". Also I feel like men are afraid
So I recently had this question going thru my head. What if someone gives birth to multiple babies at the same time (ie. twins / triplets). How does it effect each babies natal chart if they're born few minutes apart? I dont think its enough time for th
There are too many topics about aries men lately, and so few about aries women. I call bs. We are much more exciting. Why, oh why?
♑, ♋, ♐, ♊, & ♎ I suck at it but be prepared when I got the time.
I feel like this is one of the very best combinations. Don't you think so?
Why I am so unlucky in love? I constantly meet wrong type of men and then i became very frustrated. Am I cursed? Can I have normal partner? My birth date 28.11.1989 8.40 katowice poland
Cap moon friends, Do you get burned out on always being there? Do you get tired of the people you spoil and take care of not appreciating you or failing to show their appreciation? Do you get annoyed that the people who care about you give others attenti
On Jan 7th it’ll be the 1 yr for me and the Aries. I’ve been sooooo busy that I haven’t had time to plan anything super special. Help me out with some cool ideas, please
I'm dating a virgo man, this is the first time I've ever dated a Virgo. So I'm still trying to figure out how they work. Things were going great for awhile, and then all the sudden he started to pull back. Then I got scared and started blowing up his phon
Yo, I'm taking my aries friend out in a couple of days and I want it to be fresh and adventurous, last time we saw each other, he took me to a shooting range, now I wanna surprise him too, suggestions pleeease
It always seems like it doesn't take much to bait them into an argument.