The lake of Ath Dara has a song to sing. A bard in her own right, her water laps at her shores in the rhythm of an elegy
Bureaucratic Bumble-bees Making honey from my sneeze.. ..the pollen of pollution floating o
I was reading the DXP awards thread and I felt bad. I have no one to nominate because I haven't gotten to know alot of y
Hearts like us traverse the world alone, Our hands stricken with purpose, Failure we simply never condone, Next life
This is the first time I've posted any writing online, so be gentle with me. This story was a little intense to write, b
Concealed Under Flesh... To Be Different,..a Wish Choking on Needs That Refuse to Wash Down. Curled Up...
Would you-could you marry me? If you had lots of money! Well..I'm not a Capricorn, Not that ambitious honey.
I was sitting peacefully, By the perfect passable road. In my paralyzed anonymity. Generalyzing all futility. Infl
Bathing in the moonbeams amidst the cool tall pines An owl spoke to me in dreams an echo in my mind.... He asked a
I was cut too deep to REALLY bleed Through bone and muscle Every nerve If not for the light S
maybe my prayers stand my doubts and will always keep you safe. maybe you'll find me and it will be me that you save.
I encountered a stone along my way curiously in the shape of a heart. I kicked it away, and it screamed at me.. h
With all the talent on this board, I thought it might be fun if those interested might want to write a christmas story.
Dance upon the ice with me we shall not melt nor fall, you'll see swirl an angel in the snow, theres a child within-I
There is a reason behind want to see if anyone besides myself reads. The Looking Glass wars.
Has anybody read Carlos Castaneda??? WoLF

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Want to plan a fun meal for small dinner party. Any ideas? 1. fondue 2. homemade pizzas
Magnetoteborn. Bye creepy weird stalker bleep. GreyWiz anyone remember this annoying bleep? What a miserable marker.
That social media site is a gold mind gold. Also, how to cache a website from specific time and date?
Her and her husband rent a house from me and are behind $1500. I'm out to lunch and she's my waitress. Do I tip her or put it towards her debt?
Which animated characters represent your placements? Do any placements you want... Gemini sun - Wonder Twins! Pisces moon - Kiki the Witch
How many of you gems are bar stars? Seems to go with the personality of all the attention required! lol My bf USED to be one. Oh the things you discover as you get to know each other. Feel odd dating one, as I consider barstars not necessarily cool, but w "I
OMG! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH DENISE! She's played by Lisa Bonet. MY HEART, YOU GOISE! 😭😭😭😭 She is such perfection! And I thought I was in love with her daughter! WOW! Bonet is just so beautiful! 😍😍😍😍😍 I would DEFINTIELY "go gay" for her! Take me back in t
Let's see who can do some digging and figure out as to why she's such an insubordinate haha. How bout dat?
Whoch one matches gems better? Tell me the pros and cons!
Why Do Gay Men Love Britney Spears? Britney's most ardent fan baseβ€”gay menβ€”speak to the idol's enduring appeal. She's been Miss American Dream since she was 17, and while many had hoped (or feared) that the former Mouseketeer would fizzle out soon a
Yes, it's the polite thing to do? Or No, treetrunk you and your male privilege? Cancer Archetype Core Insights for Cancer Mode: Outward (Activating, Initiating, Creating, Expressing, Illuminating) Element: Water (Imagination, Impressions, Emotion, Sou
Taurus Archetype Core Insights for Taurus Mode: Inward (Harnessing, Utilizing, Sustaining, Empowering, Penetrating) Element: Earth (Form, World, Life, Structures, Nature) Archetypal Images: Builder, Nature-Lover, Musician, Provider, Gardener,
So what do you think? I already have a straight crush on Lisa ❀ Other than her and Melissa, the rest are kind of ugly.
I have been talking to a capricorn guy for one year. He seems to really like me and he has said it various time. And I got to know from one of his friends that he likes me. Now the problem is that he does express his love. Sometimes, he stops contact
Do you consistantly daydream of being with someone you are interested in? Is it wiser to just stop yourself immediately from doing so and (never dream of them). I feel it helps to stay in the now but sometimes I can't help it..
look at your past and present and relationships and think hard, what do others and what do you see of yourself? which one are you?? Are you Athena? Athena - extroverted and independent temperament--repre
She: Taurus Sun - Me: Taurus Venus She: Aries Venus - Me: Aries Sun and Mercury She: Gemini Mercury - Me: Gemini Mars and ASC She: Scorpio Moon - Me: Scorpio Moon She: Leo Mars - Me: Leo Jupiter Funny thing, I met her when transit Saturn conjunct