this is the story of a young warrior,not in the sense of combat and battle but a warrior who encourages hardships in
i never had a large sum of money,but i became a millionaire on September 4th,2005,when my son made his long awaited debu
When i opt to keep your clothing on,and attempt to make love to your mind When your heart is racing out of control,i
When i am down it is broken by Seether, If i go to war it is me and Nas in the two seater with ether bud smokers
the time is august 28th,2005 and i am in New Orleans on top of a roof watching pieces of my life and human death float b
Inspired by rock and hip hop culture,the thoughts come randomly,before they go i swoop in like a vulture, I fly to my n
i don't want world peace,i want everybody to share opinions and beliefs,i want us to disagree kindly,and not have to wor
The beginning takes place with a successful business man having a drink at a local bar He's extremely wealthy,but his
Lay me to rest,i thought i was sober enough to drive Lay me to rest,i live in torment knowing i killed the little gir
sometimes in life it is good to go back and rehash the past as a liaison for your future journey please take my hand,
i am history,'like obamas November speech behind a bulletproof cubicle i am rising,like the soaring cost of heal
writing for the voices that scream for help and are never heard writing for the creativity and originality that peopl
Feeling treetrunked Up by Etheridge Knight Lord she???s gone done left me done packed / up and split and I with no wa
there she goes again, the Nietzsche chick kicking and screaming her way down Denial Lane, taking a shortcut at Murd
Come here, look out the window. Watch your step! Sorry about the shattered glass, the splintered wood; I've
A friend of mine has a brother in prison in another part of Europe, he had this published in a newsletter. He has given
so many great minds before me set this example another revolutionary mind,opportunity-ample ....or so it would seem 1
so i feel the need to bump and renew the newest message n pop it like bubble gump so this is my lump, on the face of t

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OK, here's the thing. I totally relate to my Ascendant in new situations. I know I come off crazy and social and wild on here, but I am a really nervous, watchful person in real life. It takes me A LOT to open up, even a little bit. And people don't get t
I want the chance to get one last thing off of my chest to the pisces I've been posting about on here for over a year now. She stopped talking to me this past May because I did somethings that unintentionally hurt her . I never had the chance to a
I think I have situational anorgasmia The situation is when in serious relationships #fml #chiron8th
Music is my core. And his. Would a scorpio male use music, song lyrics to communicate discreetly? I always feel like there is a deeper meaning behind the songs he shares with me or has me listen to. Am I just overthinking it? Thanjs in advance to any scor
hi all...i’ve just recently started dating a scorpio woman and everything is pretty good so far. is this generally a good combo?
If you cheat on aries woman, what will happen to her? Can she forgive you?
My girlfriend and I are both 3rd decan pisces, our b-days are 1day apart, we have been dating 2 years but good friends for 6 years. It is a good, loving, stable with lots of cuddling kind of relationship. We do almost everything together. Me and her famil
3rd decan scorpio sun 3rd decan pisces rising Capricorn venus and mars Venus square saturn Venus conjunction mars? Is this a good combo and what is yours?
I was born on November 12, 1997 which is what I learned master number 22. What does this mean exactly? I aspire to become a Neurosurgeon but my pisces rising I feel hinders my ability to take action even with my scorpio sun.
People have been waiting for an update from me, and to be honest, I keep waiting to hear (better) news before I talk about it. This news doesn't come, and it been 6 and a half months since diagnosed and given a 12 month life span. I'll start with th
I recently sat down with my Libra’s step mom in regards to our relationship with her and my father in law and she mentioned that he had an aura reading done and was told he has one of the biggest energy fields they’ve ever seen and that this is what cause
The Lovers, The Magician, The Fool It seemed like a confusing combination and with them all being majors I felt like there was a strong message there for me!
*Disclaimer - In our memory of IntriguedScorp, this was her former thread, resurrected.*
1st dream- dreamt we were dating. I liked him and he told me he loved me and would never let me go 2nd-dreamt he was gay 3rd- he told me he hated me and told me to move on with my life 4th- told me he loved my cousin. This was the weirdest b/c Th