• Reflection

    Everything I am beats within my heart. It knows no barriers, does not recognize time. It flies free, on glossy wings
  • Listen with your eyes,See with your soul

    Life seems so uninspired,when your down on your luck,they accelerate over your limp soul with all four tires,they say th
  • Lust

    Lust it is amazing to observe how many of our personal goals and undaunted passions are driven by pure lust. when
  • the shadow

    closet treasures encompass me yes, the heady scents waft in one inhalation i'm brought before you n'oubliez pas, my f
  • Natalie

    when i look into those eyes i see a soul that will change the world green swirls are just the surface of the deep blue

    UR GAY yea u heard me thats what i say cuz i got a hunch that this mothatreetrunka gay now lemme tell you why cuz this
  • oh dear hand

    oh dear right hand how you are valuable so you keep my needs satisfied so i dont have to chase hoes because girls wa
  • Judge Me if need be

    Make up your mind,is it poor white trash,wigger,or stupid Anglo Saxon,if you think you know me,i apologize,you only know

    james tate
  • Ryde or Die

    My definition of romance,broke in a one bedroom happy as could be while me,you,and John legend slow dance Telling you
  • Hope

    Reaching out to feel the breezes flow over my skin, Standing stock still to hear the whispers and laughter on the wind
  • Die For The Cause

    if you take a look at our great nations history you must come to the rationalization that if you stand for a righteous c
  • How I love You

    poetry,i remember when we first met i was young ,maybe around 6th grade you were so kind even back then,you said just
  • WRITING PART 2 (DEC 2009)

    Writing to my son Dane Tyler,if i don't see you by February it will have been a year Writing while i stare at your pi
  • Penny For your Time, A Dime for your thought

    whats more rewarding?, striking your enemy with precise revenge,or letting their ego starve by not acknowledging their n

    james tate
    I the soldier am a different breed not like you. I the soldier fight the war for God and Country not for you. Are
  • for my Leo lost but never forgotten

    Leos are staunch and loyal they stick through thick and thin when you feel all alone sometime - stop and feel that wa
  • Beautys Mask

    Peculiar in the sense every individuals take on beauty is different It could be the heroin users first hit in the mor
  • A Warriors Mentality

    this is the story of a young warrior,not in the sense of combat and battle but a warrior who encourages hardships in
  • Fortune

    i never had a large sum of money,but i became a millionaire on September 4th,2005,when my son made his long awaited debu

    When i opt to keep your clothing on,and attempt to make love to your mind When your heart is racing out of control,i
  • Musical Mood Swing

    When i am down it is broken by Seether, If i go to war it is me and Nas in the two seater with ether bud smokers
  • Recent Topics

  • How long does it take libra males to come out of there slump?

    Just curious as to how long it takes a libra male to come back around? Or a time frame?
  • I keep seeing this about libras...is it true?

    When a libra says I'm done, their not really done. But when they say nothing at all that means they are really done. True or no?
  • Unable to Post a Picture or Gif

    Hi there. I hope all is well. For some odd reason, I am not able to post a picture or gif in a thread. I am able to post a picture, gif or video in the "Comments Area," but not in a thread. Every time I attempt to post a picture or gif in a thread it simp
  • Dealing With A Scorpio Dude

    how do i know a scorpio doesn't want me anymore? or how do i restore our close relationship again? I've accidentally/unwillingly/unknowingly hurt a scorpio really really bad, but i dont want to tell him i already know he liked me. i don't want him ghostin
  • Life Hacks Q&A

    Post your questions and someone will answer them. Let's help each other out. Or rather help me because idk to handle practical matters well.
  • Liking peoples selfies or pics on social media.

    When dating do you put any thought into this? Do you do it? Are you bothered? Is it petty to be bothered? Discuss please.
  • Libra male pulls a cyrano

    So in an earlier post I said that my cancer friend was rekindling a relationship that she thought was years in the making with a Libra male from her past that reached out to her. He is married to an Aquarius and gave her the impression that he wanted to a
  • Capricorn Escargot

    Describe Capricorn woman in love 💓
  • Trump just bombed syria ..joining France and the UK

    Also note there are active russian forces there ..aiding assad ..so he is attacking the forces of the man he kissed ass to for months. A civilian housing complex in Baraza was hit, along with an SSRC facility. So basically the idea is bomb civilians
  • Chart reading help...

    Can someone help me figure out my chart please?
  • Name things that make great sounds ...

    Dangling Keys. Paper. Birds. Boiling liquids.
  • Love in 2018?

    I'm looking forward to finding love, true love. A love of my own. It's hard to keep hope alive when considering the male prospects that are available. Although I'll never fully give up hope that it's around the corner cause man it's long overdue. It'd be
  • Scorpio thoughts

    I've heard multiple Scorpio(women) joke about death and grim things of how they are not afraid of it. When in depressed I welcome subjects on death. Lately have been going through a tough breakup and was bombarded with thoughts of not wanting to wake u
  • Mars and Venus in Gemini

    Are Gemini Suns usually the kryptonite for these people? Asking for a friend. 😒
  • Uranus moving into 8th house for Libras

    is this making any other libras nervous?
  • Four Simple Preference Questions

    A is Left/Top and B is Right/Bottom [img]https://i.imgur.com/3cBYS47.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/woEGkyW.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/htdkKCl.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/A5wkYYt.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/BzplBoZ.jpg[/
  • What would you say about this guy

    Sun: leo Moon: Virgo Mercury: leo Venus: cancer Mars: Taurus Jupiter: cancer Saturn: Capricorn Uranus: Capricorn Neptune: Capricorn Pluto: Scorpio Idk his rising And by signs in planets alone how do you think it would be with mine Risin