there she goes again, the Nietzsche chick kicking and screaming her way down Denial Lane, taking a shortcut at Murd
Come here, look out the window. Watch your step! Sorry about the shattered glass, the splintered wood; I've
A friend of mine has a brother in prison in another part of Europe, he had this published in a newsletter. He has given
so many great minds before me set this example another revolutionary mind,opportunity-ample ....or so it would seem 1
so i feel the need to bump and renew the newest message n pop it like bubble gump so this is my lump, on the face of t
I have a contest going for woundedbird poems for some reason no one can post on it. sorry
I went to chop wood the other day a harmless task I must say but I got a chip in my eye right away. I think of my s
I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. I do believe this a blessing and also a curse. My feelings are transparent. E
I've never written like this, but I thought it'd be fun. Okay wait... before I start rambling, I'm done. Me?? B
how is it i feel beguiler, enticer, damsel in distress? oh rescue me my beloved and i will show you delights beyond
Donny was a good bowler, and a good man. He was. . . He was one of us. He was a man who loved the outdoors, and
Sweet as honey Candy dipped Smile on my face As big as the all outdoors Talking Talking Talking Excitement at a t

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So Cardi B definitely benefited from the transit. Anybody else?
Katie Hopkins. You pocketed his money, you profited from his Oscars and you took what he gave. You are #Weinstein. One & all. I can't believe no one suspected. I can't believe all those powerful people couldn't handle something like this. His wife
And some Scorpio and Leo & Sag And sag ascendant I dont have any virgo, aries, cancer, gemini, cap, taurus in it is it a well balanced chart? like a proper diet? or unbalanced /processed junk food?
they just don't flail around like a crazy person expressing it without a filter. yes depends on the moon. i'm just speaking in generalities.
We had a big fight. I moved away. Then the other day, for no reason, I see an email in my inbox from him with a sentence saying he's sorry and hopes everything is going good for me. I haven't replied yet because I feel like he is very manipulative and
Anybody have an experience with this combo?
I did a 2 card reading on someone's thoughts and feelings for me. I have had a thing for the guy for awhile & sometimes I think it's reciprocated & other times I'm unsure. Anyway, I'm relatively new to tarot & especially new to reversals, of which both tu
I had a relationship with a taurus for 1.5 years. I am an Aries, teo years older than him. Our history is a little complicated. We were part of a project and had a very intensive relationship, but mainly as friends, colleagues but also have intimate relat (the original cope)
Let's get the ball a rolling with a few of my choice selections:
Whoever is on that do you find the question and answers section? I disagree with their harmonic birth qualities and conflicting birth qualities sections...but the Q and A to me is spot on as far as my chart goes/life experience has been.
What placements would make a person getting excited or thinking about sex above average? I've seen this with Sagg placements
i have these moments, whether its a friend or someone.. dont share problems openly and want to deal with it on their own. Are you emotional? there's one sag who doesnt want to share but he says he's depressed. doesnt reply for a long period of time🙊 wh Do I think this is right? No. Do I think the coffee shop owner would have made a WAY more powerful statement by being kind and gracious and serving these Christian activists? YES. But apart of me is like, in
My coworker at my new job - I decided to label her a Taurus even though I still dont know. I came into this job positive and full force as I can feel this has been the most positive job I have ever had and I can feel it only going up from here. Bac
I've met this libra guy online and we spoke for about 2 months before meeting. He lives 2 hours away and in that month we've met 3 times. He takes me out on real dates and takes good care of me. Before we've met he made his intentions clear, he really
You can barely tell them apart. There's a huge feral cat/kitten pack in my back yard so all these kittens keep popping up. I can't just turn my back on them.... especially since I found them the day after my birthday. [IMG]
Anyone gotten any treatment for acne scars? I have a lot and I just want them gone but I don't really know what works for that. I'm talking like laser, a facial etc.
post your short lyrics from your favorite songs. i like short yet powerful and meaningful sentences. i need inspiration for my monday morning.