so many great minds before me set this example another revolutionary mind,opportunity-ample ....or so it would seem 1
so i feel the need to bump and renew the newest message n pop it like bubble gump so this is my lump, on the face of t
I have a contest going for woundedbird poems for some reason no one can post on it. sorry
I went to chop wood the other day a harmless task I must say but I got a chip in my eye right away. I think of my s
I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. I do believe this a blessing and also a curse. My feelings are transparent. E
I've never written like this, but I thought it'd be fun. Okay wait... before I start rambling, I'm done. Me?? B
how is it i feel beguiler, enticer, damsel in distress? oh rescue me my beloved and i will show you delights beyond
Donny was a good bowler, and a good man. He was. . . He was one of us. He was a man who loved the outdoors, and
Sweet as honey Candy dipped Smile on my face As big as the all outdoors Talking Talking Talking Excitement at a t
You asked me what my feelings were, I was silent. Here is what was in my head.. Caution Care Comfort Not wanting
Something I wrote a while back. The Aimless Wanderings Wind Blown Leaves By dofacc It has occurred to me tha
Rain again'', she thought and sighed. Lazily she traced her finger over the window glass, drawing his name. Embellishin

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these seem very contradicting analysis anyone? to how it affects the personality
Any of you have this? What are you like in a relationship and what kind of guy/sign do you go for?
OMG they are so handy for curries, stews, slow cooker recipes etc I just made the best even Thai Red Curry DANG!! I do feel a lil trashy using them though? I have to extreme-ties, organic in one hand when/if i can afford to, then this?! WUTT!
...cause all of my virgo friends are cheating on their significant other as i type.
love? i was reminded earlier with a discussion with @sierra on a subject earlier, how alot of people fall for someone but the other person doesn't want them back equally. how does one cure this? i've seen this over the years, on this forum also
What do they influence you or your life? I've got Acrux (scorp 11°), castor (cancer 20°) and foramen (libra 22°) so far I've seen castor does play a part for its description: sudden fame or loss, violence.. In my life. While other fixed stars no
Does anyone have these placements, or know someone whom has? How do you feel that the placements influence each other? I'm especially interested in how it influences temper, and how you/ they express emotions, be it love or anger. And what do you
Because of a number of reasons, I am trying to develop a plan to become independent in every aspect the term implies: emotionally, financially, etc. If you have broken off ties with your parents/family, I would appreciate if you had any tips on how to go
anybody else? could this placement be responsible for my savage?
Can someone tell me when will conjunction be formed between nodes in synastry and node and planet in birth chart? Just curious about it cause in my chart they form conjunction/opposition but they don't form it in another person's chart who has them in sam
I think we can all unanimously agree that these are the top 2 most disastrous pairings But which one is THE most disastrous one?
I dreamt that I was I think back in time and I was a caretaker for someone. In the dream, I was running away with another caretaker because the person we were taking care of was apparently deranged and running after us. The other woman was not running fas
So i know this is a hot topic as always, the libra man. Let me just begin this by saying i am a cancer woman, Taurus moon, Pisces rising, and Gemini Venus. He is a libra sun, Gemini moon, Capricorn rising, and Leo Venus. We have been together for about a
This is the guy who was suffering from depression and PTSD. He hasn't been the same since his dad died but it was still him. He stopped by my office today. It's been 7 months since I've seen him. He was unshaven and unkempt which is not like him. He w
How does that play out in your relationships? For example the introvert has four types. I am an outward introvert. Meaning that I like to interact and spend some time with others but after a while I want to go back home to rest and relax. Other
Hi, I am new here, and need some help with this weird on and off "relationship" I have had with a scorpio man for more than 10 years. We can't seem to stay away from each other, but can't make anything happen either. Can anybody help me get some cl