• The Time Is

    the time is august 28th,2005 and i am in New Orleans on top of a roof watching pieces of my life and human death float b
  • How It All Began

    Inspired by rock and hip hop culture,the thoughts come randomly,before they go i swoop in like a vulture, I fly to my n
  • 2 sides of a contradiction

    i don't want world peace,i want everybody to share opinions and beliefs,i want us to disagree kindly,and not have to wor
  • A Short Film

    The beginning takes place with a successful business man having a drink at a local bar He's extremely wealthy,but his
  • Lay Me To Rest

    Lay me to rest,i thought i was sober enough to drive Lay me to rest,i live in torment knowing i killed the little gir

    sometimes in life it is good to go back and rehash the past as a liaison for your future journey please take my hand,
  • I AM

    i am history,'like obamas November speech behind a bulletproof cubicle i am rising,like the soaring cost of heal

    writing for the voices that scream for help and are never heard writing for the creativity and originality that peopl
  • Favorite Poems

    Feeling treetrunked Up by Etheridge Knight Lord she???s gone done left me done packed / up and split and I with no wa
  • Crash and Burn on a Saturday Night

    there she goes again, the Nietzsche chick kicking and screaming her way down Denial Lane, taking a shortcut at Murd
  • Soviet Dance Craze

    Come here, look out the window. Watch your step! Sorry about the shattered glass, the splintered wood; I've
  • Sorry

    A friend of mine has a brother in prison in another part of Europe, he had this published in a newsletter. He has given
  • is there anyone else who knows they'll be killed

    so many great minds before me set this example another revolutionary mind,opportunity-ample ....or so it would seem 1
  • this place is a dump

    so i feel the need to bump and renew the newest message n pop it like bubble gump so this is my lump, on the face of t

    james tate
    I have a contest going for woundedbird poems for some reason no one can post on it. sorry
  • Recent Topics

  • Uranus moving into 8th house for Libras

    is this making any other libras nervous?
  • Four Simple Preference Questions

    A is Left/Top and B is Right/Bottom [img]https://i.imgur.com/3cBYS47.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/woEGkyW.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/htdkKCl.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/A5wkYYt.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/BzplBoZ.jpg[/
  • What would you say about this guy

    Sun: leo Moon: Virgo Mercury: leo Venus: cancer Mars: Taurus Jupiter: cancer Saturn: Capricorn Uranus: Capricorn Neptune: Capricorn Pluto: Scorpio Idk his rising And by signs in planets alone how do you think it would be with mine Risin
  • Ways to gain weight

    Looking for healthy ways to gain weight. I've been a constant 120 for years and I'm just really tired of people calling me skinny. Doesn't really help my confidence. I just want to get to a healthy weight. Any advice? I see that protein shakes w
  • Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd House

    Placement this impacts the most? Any help out there...
  • How to walk away from a guy you like but is a functioning alcoholic

    Asking for a friend. she's been dating a guy for a few months and she's into him but he recently told her he's a alcoholic. Shes having a hard time cutting off contact and walking away. Any suggestions????
  • Why he still popping up

    Me and my Taurus man isn’t in contact. He blocked me off every social media account except fb and why does he randomly call me. I don’t reach out to him. We didn’t end in good terms. I told him I was done and he told me he thought I was trying to be cool
  • Being tough for too long

    I have always been really strong. The solid rock that held it together. I broke when my brother died in 2015 and was messed up for a year or two and became very withdrawn but i usually kept my tears behind closed doors. I finally got it together and made

    Dear denizens of DXP, I both regret and rejoice to inform you I sincerely am leaving this site for good. Not because of any drama with the site or the people here, but because the journey that I have been on that led me to this place has finally come to a
  • Do you feel more like your Sun sign, Moon sign... Something else?

    My sun is Sagittarius.Everything else is Capricorn with a lot of 1st and 12th house. So I must basically be split between at least these four signs and maybe some Aquarius too. And that leads to not knowing what I want and myself too. That's the 1st h
  • cant sleep gemini chart

  • I got some terrible news today got to hear my Virgo friend has committed suicide

    I knew her since we were 13 she was my bestie at age 17 we both went seperate ways and later on we found each other back last time i have seen her was last year and haven't spoken to her in 2 months or so. I knew she was struggling and she was always a b
  • how to upload image files in the post?

    because there are some images I'd like to include my thread.. any one please help me.. would be much appreciated :)
  • Cancers and cheating?

    So I've whitnessed several different times another sign cheating on a few of the Cancer men friends in my life. Emotionally Cheating, (texting her ex still) and one woman physically, 2 different gentlemen. The one with the physically cheating woman is mor
  • What you should shut up about!

    [IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/30wvyhl.jpg[/IMG] I hardly even talk about myself. Like, I know I'm awesome and everything but like, I barely even mention it. Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up. http://media.riffsy.com/images/c2768996e031a1c38cd6
  • How shy is a Virgo:)

    I (27F, capricorn) am thinking about this virgo (27M) since ten years now. We had a hidden connection in high school. We never admitted it to other class mates nor to each other but it was there. Then we both travelled a lot and moved from cities to citie