You asked me what my feelings were, I was silent. Here is what was in my head.. Caution Care Comfort Not wanting
Something I wrote a while back. The Aimless Wanderings Wind Blown Leaves By dofacc It has occurred to me tha
Rain again'', she thought and sighed. Lazily she traced her finger over the window glass, drawing his name. Embellishin
You think you have me down You think you have me low, So keep on tightening those screws Pounding the nails into my p
If anyone asks you how the perfect satisfaction of all our sexual wanting will look, lift your face and say, Like
I caught you in the night, Crying alone with such delight, A voice whispered in my ear, Telling me you weren???t ever
Hi all, Just a quick question. I am a new business owner my business is over a year old. I have a website and a blog and
You are the solid Wolf In the mists and fog of the Forests Where I reign. I hear your song echo and throb off the tal
I'm afraid to ever be able to trust again All i ask for is one thing,to understand. I was lied straight in the eyes fo
I am not perfect. Do not place me there. The heights are too lofty; The burden too great, The plummet too high a pr
How can I tell you what I feel if you do not listen? How can I go about showing you the way when you will not see? Giv
I see my cold white breath hit the air, Walking past a million people that just don't care, Looking out into the world
It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children.

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Based on their personality across the boards or just in general. Also if there's some members on here you can't stand like say if a male member send you dick pics and butter, would you want to meet up with him to give him a low blow?
So this Aquarius girl I've had a crush on and off with, for several years, has took a liking to me and asked me out (her Venus is in Aries, go figure! My Venus is in Taurus.) I'm not looking to jump into anything quickly, and I'm pretty cautious as far as
I need advice and opinions: I was supposed to have a dick appointment tonight and all of a sudden, he stops answering the phone. We've talked basically all day today and all of a sudden, when I told him I wasn't at home at the moment, he told me to giv
whats the point of being in one if it's going to end anyways
Hi! I just met this cancer guy on tinder a week ago, he had told me he was not looking for a relationship only fwb, I agreed then because I was also not looking for anything so serious! But I just met one time at his place, we chilled in the garden and
I did an ASCENDANT persona chart! My ascendant in the chart was PISCES. MIND BLOWN!. I'm a Scorpio rising with an undercover Pisces rising 😮😮😮😮
I'm a Taurus just for reference. I met a wonderful and sweet man 2 weeks ago at a karaoke bar I occasionally visit. (He lives 2 hours from me.) I didn't notice his interest in me while we were all hanging out at the bar (although looking back I see the si
Which sign stays mad the longest and during that time should you give them their space or reach out to them and why? Leo Sag Cancer Libra Gemini Aries Virgo
I don't know if it's something all Cancer individual wants: if you aren't going to pamper your time, effort, and value into our relationship - it's time to say bye even thou we love you. Calling out to all cancers: do you look into the actions more or
is this ALWAYS a hot mess or am i just finding the wrong friends with partners?
Hello, everyone! Long time, no see! I wonder if enyone can tell me what is this and how should I interpret it? Thank you! T-Square from Ven: 9Can39'06" to Moo: 15Ari59'11" and Ura: 9Lib45'26"
SO, this man and I were really into each other. He'd always make the first move texting, making plans, and creating conversation and even showing up to where I was to be with me. It was obvious he liked me! But lately, he's been talking to me half-hearte
So i'm a taurus and he's a scorpio. We're both guys and gay lol. Supposedly we're both twin flames too. Shortened version: He don't want me or says he doesn't. I'm just curious if anyone else has been in the same thing? Straights are welcome to reply, ju
Would people mind giving me some feedback about a virgo women I know. It’s a longish story so I’ll try and cut it down the best I can. Back in 2011/12 I met her and we became friends, during the first few months of knowing each other we found out w
I fit a 9 inch dildo in my fruity loopies for the first time ever today!!! Everyone celebrate plz! I'm ready for those monster chickens to penetrate my goodies!
Lord help me. Even tinder kept bringing me aquas. Could it be that even if I try so hard to date other signs, ultimately, I will end up with an aqua? Goodness me. I blame my leo moon for this.