Cruelty of this humanity, Can take anyone to insanity. What if at a moment You wish to start over? . I got the mind
Black as ink, deep as pitch. In the Pit again. Vines bursting from the twisted earth to coil round me and drag me
Sparks. Sweet breath blown on embers, gently. Watching the ash fall back and reveal Orange, red, gold, umber. A bit
(The structure of this book is inspired by David Mitchell's own Cloud Atlas. After a lot of thought, I think I'm g
Will of iron Shackles Chains Each link forged in determination Keeping the great cat contained. Pacing, ever pacing
Oh, take me back, Won't you please? Back to the time when My hair fell down to my knees. Back when life was slower.
Underneath the cold sea air, Our footprints slowly appear in the white sand, I want us to stay forever on this land,
Naked, I spy you there. Lying across the bed. So enticing Alluring Embodiment of Feminine. I trail fingers slowly d
My dearest love, I often find myself thinking of you more & more. These feelings inside i simply can not ignore. Word
Hunkered down in the undergrowth Eyes downcast Waiting for the Change. Muscles lengthening Shrieking Black, glossy,
I'm losing myself when i fight alone World War III,come on,here i go. Me against myself,but I will win Kill the enemy
This isn't a poem it's actually a song me and my band are working on. I gave you all a good friend should give tell
I'm not a debate machine, You've misread my feign, Turn it on, straight to full speed, Just a victim in my little g
Since the age of 4, Clinging to Dads t-shirt in terror. Knowing I'm safe all the while. Standing in the garage, Ha
I am a House. Foundation strong. Made of stone And hewn wood. Exterior of brick and mortar. To stand the test of ti
This was poem I wrote when I was just starting seeing the Virgo drummer man! I was told I am a grown woman That ans

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Accidentally told my bf I loved him when I was drunk today!! Through text! Did I make a mistake?
ME WRITING : As of start of September and close to everything is going wrong as if I was jinxed.. It started with my holiday which was supposed to be for two weeks, to come back refreshed. In ten days I managed to get sick with gastroenteritis which tha
really hard! We said nothing in the car, while travelling to the airport. I've did my crying last night, and today, it was his. I can't believe Gemini and Sagittarius can be such crybabies. Lol! And now, I am gonna be doing all these crazy flights
i just wanna know what people think of this combo;;; please reply, it will make my day
Hi everyone, I'm a scorpio girl who just recently broke up with my aquarius ex. It was just less than two months ago. We dated for eight months and everything was sweet and loving at first although there's a few fights here and there. One day I confronted
Over my entire life I have noticed people react to this particular situation, despite chart signs...all in the same way (I can feel my baby tickling me right now lol) I recently told a friend I needed to rest since I've been working two days in a row wi
does anyone here have experience w/ this synastry placement, or knows someone who has? i did a synastry chart w/ someone i'm dealing w/ and that placement is a bit striking to me. it's their moon in my 8th house, and my moon is in their third house. i'd a
specifically, pluto as a generational planet. I think pluto placements are connected to the breakdown of the generation descriptions (ie. baby boomers, gen X, millenials, etc). I think the planet that is in pluto for the however many years it is there
I find that no one gets me the way another earth sign does. Yet most of the time I date water sign women. Does anyone else feel like despite the god like compatibility that their trines aren’t really their best match? Trines meaning Taurus Virgo
i noticed about my cancer that when i am not able to do something that she wanted me to do at the time that she wanted me to do it, she feels insecure (i think what is going on in her mind is that i don't love her) and acts immaturely/act like a kid. but
what do you make of this particular north node placement? Do you have it or know anyone who does? Any thoughts on it?
He broke up with me and he said "it's not you, it's me" and that we can still be friends. that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore.. he said it out of nowhere maybe two weeks ago. except, being his friend isn't going to work out if I still have feelin
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Hello everyone! I'd like to ask if anybody can tell me what does moon in Sagittarius square Venus in libra in a man's natal chart means? I've tried to search online, but I haven't found much. I would appreciate your insights. Thank you!