• Spiral

    Would you like me to touch you...there? ( oh where ) May I ...place my lips here? ( yes, there ) Can I ...float arou
  • To My Dear Libra Man

    To my dear libra man: why do you pull me in as if I was the soul that belonged to your heart. why do you charm me so
  • Woman Scorned

    Rising up from the underbelly, The quagmire, The Deep Clawing and fighting your Way out from under Ink, rock and
  • Leibst

    Softly caressing your face Sliding my hand into yours Smiling up into your eyes. Taking you into my care. Everything
  • Dancing

    Emerging from a bath, Water droplets clinging to skin. Scent. Wrist. Throat. Backs of ears. Between the breasts.
  • Venus In Pisces

    Soft silk Kisses Moonlight Dancing Walks Feathers Lace Stroking Surrender Falling Down.. Down... Down.. Ins
  • Earthy

    Placing one foot in front of the other I tread onto the grass. Feeling that pulse in the ground. Bare skin taking in t
  • To Burn

    Electricity flashing over skin Harnessing the lightening Zeus The Hammer of Thor A spark ignites Combustion Flame
  • Keeper of My Heart

    For you I would tattoo me With lines crossing into a hand And a heart that would never bleed With the twilight And
  • Thought

    When you entrust your heart to another human, it is not a light thing. Whether it goes quickly or slowly, it matters no
  • Hunger

    Raising up from the water Liquid running down in rivers Rose petals clinging to skin Cat eyes on fire Step up the st
  • The Morning Star

    Haha. The only piece of writing I ever done that doesn't make me cringe coming back to it:
  • Fortress

    There is a wall I've built. Strong Stone Covered in ivy. Lush Green It goes around my heart. Tender Soft To pro
  • angels wait patiently

    I'm gone to the night dreaming whatever dreams you've given back to me content slumber on the heels of deeper intent
  • Knowing

    You came to me, strong and sure You lifted me up with capable arms You set me on my feet. You hide yourself, You hi
  • And Ode to PrincePisces ;-)

    When first I spied on dxp, His flaxen locks, his joi de vivre. His eyes of blue ( And I'll admit it's true ) The f
  • Nature

    Rambling fields of green The sun caressing every leaf Gilding it with life I tip up my face in offering Warmth slidi
  • The Ladybug

    Little traveler of rose bush, Eater of aphid, thrip and scale. Red of shell, Black in spot, Garden friend. My baby
  • Trust

    Since songs are poetry set to music in essence, I'll let Prince handle this one. (W,X,Y,Z) Hey, it's the man! Yea
  • Recent Topics

  • Please help me figure out my tarus man I'm a virgo

    So basically we started talking and it was good we would flirt and he would say things like when we get married and stuff and he alwsys told me not lie and he acted possessive and then one day we ramdonly met and slept together after that I felt he change
  • We survived Mercury retrograde, what about Saturn?

    Saturn is going retrograde in Capricorn on April 17th. What to expect?
  • Curry chicken leftovers. Can I eat it?

    Its been left out in a car Saturday night-Monday pretty much. 30 degree weather F. I re-heated it today in the microwave at work and ate some but never put it back in the fridge around noonish. I never put it back and its still in front of me. Now its
  • Dealing With A Scorpio Dude

    how do i know a scorpio doesn't want me anymore? or how do i restore our close relationship again? I've accidentally/unwillingly/unknowingly hurt a scorpio really really bad, but i dont want to tell him i already know he liked me. i don't want him ghostin
  • Libra and Disappearing Acts

    Do you pull the proverbial disappearing act in relationships or are we getting a bad reputation based on some who do?
  • I miss my aqua 😝

    Wtf kind of sorcery is this? I am fine all day and then night time comes and I need to tell him all my stuff and listen to him road raging with cars while he drives his truck. I need him to tell me his stupid stories so I can sleep. But we don't talk
  • He just left me without any explanation

    I'm a sag girl and i've been friends with my libra best friend for 2 years. Our friendship was long distance because i moved around a lot and so did he. We would talk about anything together from ex's to sexx and other things, i felt so comfortable with h
  • What are your thoughts of these placements alone

    Sun: pisces Moon: cancer Mercury: pisces Venus: pisces Mars: Sagittarius
  • Do you guys like drunk Phone Calls?

    If so what kind? Profession of love? Funny? Drunken seranting? (My stoner thought of the day)
  • Libra men disappearing???

    Please take the time to read this thank you! I'm a Sagittarius woman and i've known my libra best friend for 2 years now. We met our senior year of school but he ended up moving to another county so our friendship was long distance and we barely seen eac
  • What does it mean if you dream of someone every night?

    and or imagine marrying and having kids with them? does it mean you are in love with them?
  • Which moon +ascendant looks more youthful as they get older

    I have my moon in sagg and my ascendant together in the 1st house which is ruled by aries i heard first house placement make you look youthful also have my ascendant in the 2nd decan which is the planet mars also ruled by aries but i am kind of inbetween
  • alice-evey

    what happened to her? she got married to this businessman, financier, who was her childhood sweetheart. and then she got divorced? after a year or two? that's so fast. [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/34fmi5l.jpg[/IMG] her chart. Aquarius sun, ca
  • Crazy for a Leo Man

    So this Leo man that I am just head over hills for invited me to a event that he’s hosting for a side business that he’s been growing. He said it would be an honor and hoping if I could show up. It’s really hard for me to read him. I’m not looking to much
  • Which Zodiac Signs Are the Hardest Workers?

    An Australian company put out an ad seeking new employees; however, the applicants had to be certain Astrological signs (Taurus, Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, or Leo), because, according to a spokesperson for the company, those zodiac signs make the best em