There is a wall I've built. Strong Stone Covered in ivy. Lush Green It goes around my heart. Tender Soft To pro
I'm gone to the night dreaming whatever dreams you've given back to me content slumber on the heels of deeper intent
You came to me, strong and sure You lifted me up with capable arms You set me on my feet. You hide yourself, You hi
When first I spied on dxp, His flaxen locks, his joi de vivre. His eyes of blue ( And I'll admit it's true ) The f
Rambling fields of green The sun caressing every leaf Gilding it with life I tip up my face in offering Warmth slidi
Little traveler of rose bush, Eater of aphid, thrip and scale. Red of shell, Black in spot, Garden friend. My baby
Since songs are poetry set to music in essence, I'll let Prince handle this one. (W,X,Y,Z) Hey, it's the man! Yea
Music. It stealthily pads into us while still in the womb. Mothers heartbeat beating in time, pumping life into us. H
If the sun shines during the day And the stars shine during the night Then how come I see both, whenever you smile Wh
Good question. What is a gentleman? It isn't so easy to answer as you might expect. The answer varies from female
Journaling, blogging, posting. Whatever name it falls under it's simply the expression of oneself on the page. Somethi
Hair back? Check. Hands washed? Check. Here we go. Measuring, slicing, dicing, peeling, grating, sauteeing, deglazi
In my dream you came to me, Soft as summer breeze. Your arms they wound around me, And so weak were my knees. Your
I wrote this a few months ago, part of my grieving process. October, 25 days till my youngest would have been 12.
Four minutes to four, setting here in a daze waiting for the percolator to bring thought processes. I enjoy this time
A broken soul is the agony I carry My own grave is a home that I'll bury Justice and law are as meaningless as the a

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When I'm sad, I listen to sad music and it kind of makes me feel more sad... So I've decided that when I'm sad, I'm going to listen to music that brings me up. And it works. Like when I listen to motivational music I'm like "OK I got this." Anyone e
there is a teacher who gave me an ECHEC grades because i explain him why everything was wrong logically with their why of teaching. at the end of the argue i wasnt able to look me str8 in the eyes. but now all the group have normal grades and im the o
He has to be everywhere I go! He just moved with his gf to the country and town where I might be going to Uni. He found out and out of nowhere texted me. Like last time he called me a hoe and got mad at me, and now he pretended to be friendly. Like whaaaa
I mean why the hell not at this point? Battle of the fixed square combos. Lets go.
We have heard a lot about how Aries are not the most favourite of a lot of people. Are there any signs who like the Aries in matters of long term relationships?
I've known this Pisces man for over a decade. We dated briefly (like 2 weeks) when we were very young but I ended it because I was moving and the uncertainty of everything was just too much. He was okay with it. We lost touch for ovet 10 years, then reco
I just asked my Aqua if he wants to go on an adventure in the woods in the middle of the night and he laughed at me and said nah I'm good. I even offered to take weapons and protect him from bears and wolves with my sword and he said he's not scared but h
its been 6 weeks I have met a gemini man. we had instant chemistry. we met on blind date at coffee shop. We left at mid night when it closed. We started texting and calling alot. He text me all day most days. he ended up sleeping over at my house and the
Can't speak for Scorpio Suns but damn, I had an epiphany today. I'm one jealous bleep.
So i met this female that I thought was really beautiful at the gym I go to. She happens to work there and from the start she gave off a very positive vibe. She later on tells my friend to tell me that I’m very attractive. He relays the message to me but
[IMG][/IMG] Planning a trip with The Scorp, any suggestions on where to stay in Aruba? Or any other great tropical vacay destinations to recommend? Looking for beach, snorkeling, chill vibe... Putting this here beca
What is it like? Is it awkward? Do you have to share a room with someone?
Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles. It's also sold as an over the counter sleep aid, and lots of users who take it experience very vivid, sometimes bizarre dreams
Let me start by saying i have some kind of a weakness for Scorpio guys, they’re the literal devils and just a little bit treetr*nked up 😏 I have this Scorpio friend in my life that i can’t stop thinking about no matter how hard i try. He seems to pop up at ju!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2018/01/25/897/n/1922398/8837f2235a6a3efa1186d9.47717255_edit_img_image_44527754_1516911025/i/Christina-Aguilera-Leaving-Ba