• Music

    Music. It stealthily pads into us while still in the womb. Mothers heartbeat beating in time, pumping life into us. H
  • :)

    If the sun shines during the day And the stars shine during the night Then how come I see both, whenever you smile Wh
  • What is a gentleman?

    Good question. What is a gentleman? It isn't so easy to answer as you might expect. The answer varies from female
  • Ponderings

    Journaling, blogging, posting. Whatever name it falls under it's simply the expression of oneself on the page. Somethi
  • Bull on Cooking

    Hair back? Check. Hands washed? Check. Here we go. Measuring, slicing, dicing, peeling, grating, sauteeing, deglazi
  • Dream

    In my dream you came to me, Soft as summer breeze. Your arms they wound around me, And so weak were my knees. Your
  • Rambling

    I wrote this a few months ago, part of my grieving process. October, 25 days till my youngest would have been 12.
  • Waiting for Spring

    Four minutes to four, setting here in a daze waiting for the percolator to bring thought processes. I enjoy this time
  • A Memory, A Nightmare

    A broken soul is the agony I carry My own grave is a home that I'll bury Justice and law are as meaningless as the a
  • On Love

    After your heart has been rendered so much bloodless, quivering tissue how do you know when it's right again? Do you nu
  • I AM

    I am spring rain, Bringing life to parched fields and Arid land. I am fire, consuming all in its path. A great Drago
  • My Wish

    My wish for you my darling girl is that you walk in beauty as you have always done for me. May the skies above you be f
  • wherever I go

    im bringing rose and skin with me behind blinds and sentinals magic hands and warm energy over distant mind and thick
  • Publishing

    anyone here have any experience with self-publishing? specifically anthologies??
  • Real Writers

    a muse a libra
    write everyday. They have 3-5 things in the mail, waiting and waiting for the response. They write everyday. Real wri
  • no hope

    once upon a time small fate happened we'd hardly even noticed as this exists against all odds two paths crossed acro
  • G2 luminousity class V

    We gave you a day of every week. Many of our religions are based and centered on you. We know you by many aliases in m
  • Recent Topics

  • Helena of Troy

    We all know the story. We have seen the movies. Maybe even read the book. The legend of Troy. Is it myth? Is it truth? We don't know. What we do know is that it's about two kingdoms going to war because the prince of Troy decided that he wanted the wife o
  • Male Aquarian - Female Taurus

    Am Aquarian and my crush is Taurus...what do I do ?
  • Signs a Scorpio man is not interested

    He WILL NOT initiate conversations with you He WILL NOT ask you to hang out He will basically not acknowledge your existence
  • Taureau Amoureux

    How would you describe a Taurus man in love?
  • Favorite Beer

    Post pics and info about the current beer you're obsessed with
  • let's talk about cereal

    http://www.cerealously.net/ you know i haven't had cereal in so long but i ate some chex mix and i was really feeling a bowl of chex but to no avail i also like raisin bran but i don't even have cereal at my house do yall eat cereal? whats your favo
  • Venus in Gemini male

    How does one with a Venus in Gemini behave during the dating/courtship stage of a relationship before deciding if they want the “committed” bf/gf relationship? Do they play mind games and test you? My dude is confusing me to no end!
  • How to lose a Cancer in 6 days :(

    No one ever responds to my posts.. I know rhat people aren't psychic on here but a little feedback would be nice. To get over the pain of of the ghosting of the Taurus, I went back on okcupid. I looked through matches and a guy caught my eye. he is a
  • I wanna contact my friend

    I have so many questions to ask and i feel so emotional and powerless since it happened i need to get in contact with her
  • Anything you can say about this chart (good or bad)

    Im counting on you @ACsquarepluto take your time (can be related to work/ life changes/ relationships, etc) https://i.imgur.com/SMLnToq.png https://i.imgur.com/PFnVOWo.png
  • he is pulling away.

    I’ll start with a little backstory. I just got on birth control pills 1-2 months ago and it kind of drives me crazy to be honest and on top of that, I naturally have a bad temper. My leo boyfriend handles my tantrums most of the times, I’m grateful. Howev
  • SO I met up with Aquarius again..

    Okay for anyone who has been following, thank you! your feedback helps. Long story short was messaging this Aquarius guy for a week and our conversations were flowing. Went on a first date with him and had sex on our first date, something I haven't don
  • Nicki Minaj

    Went the fawk off in both her new songs. She even gave the rest of horses a shout out. I've had both on repeat. How do other saggis feel about what transpired between her and Cardi and her new music. I feel like she used the retrograde to ge
  • Scorpio keeps msging me

    Scorpio girl dumped me because she said she has no feelings for me and doesnt want a relationship...then she messages me to hang out but only as friends..and Im like i cant do just friendship, but she keeps trying and we hang out last week and we were kin
  • Uploads

    So, I've been exclusively dating an Aries guy for just over a month (supposedly the honeymoon period)! Anyway, I hate the relationship/social media combination and have told him I don't want to be friends on Facebook. But I can still see some photos he up
  • True recipes

    https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/international-tumblr-recipes-1.jpg https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/international-tumblr-recipes-2.jpg https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2
  • Cap guy with a Sagittarius girl. Something don't feel right.

    We're in a long distance relationship. I'm in Jersey, she's at school in Virginia and she feels like the epitome of a fire sign. She initiated the talking stage 5 months ago when I snapchatted a girl's ass on my lap that I was hooking up with and she basi