My, original poem, written twelve-billion years ago..give or take a millennium. The Hunted, The howl of the wolf,
How long can I still be around you? How can I turn back the time? Every minute and every second is precious I don't
Dancing in the darkness The flame went out And licked the surface Of the wind Gently she fueled Underneath and abo
thump. thump. thump. thump. thump thump. thump thump. thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thum
i could give you butterflies, put some sparkle in your eyes. it's such a shame that you could never see the best i
When we meet...... Posted Mar 17 # Will I meet your expectations # I will not know until our eyes meet # Then
I forgive you....... Posted Mar 17 I forgive you for making me feel the way you did I forgive you for touching me
my last breath & i saw you watching over me! to this day i let my fears take control me, my only thought was a movment!
show and tell, a feast of strenghts. i'll knock you down with a beautiful revenge. and if you stand too tall against m

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My hands are shaking like crazy as I'm typing this. I expected this weekend to be a quiet one, certainly started that way. Jed's nude body pressing against my nude body as we chilled on the couch just talking, but whenever I mentioned going out he'd chang
being forcefully married to another woman. What does it mean?
this astrologer on twitter with like 20k followers (meaning she's a good one lmao) said males with moon sign and venus sign opposition are 9/10th of the time a cheater and women with this placement attract cheaters and people who can't serve them. AND she
i have a Aquarius Sun and when i'm mad at someone i locked myself in my room or stay away from the person who makes me mad but in my head i already killed them several times different methods how about you guys, i'm just curious if other Aquarius sign act
I matched with this girl on tinder I'm a 25/yo Cap guy and shes a 24 y/o cancer.... we talked and sent each others selfies while I was away at work for 3 days. We organised a date on Sunday night but I had to stay one more night and we rescheduled for Mon
So I think I messed this up. I'm such an overthinker, It pisses me sometimes. Two days ago was my birthday, my Aries forgot about it and just didn't make much effort at all. He said sorry few times and I'm willing to get over it. But it made my bloo
I'm a Taurus just for reference. I met a wonderful and sweet man 2 weeks ago at a karaoke bar I occasionally visit. (He lives 2 hours from me.) I didn't notice his interest in me while we were all hanging out at the bar (although looking back I see the si
As this question bothers most - let's find out. It is mostly for men but if women have a word...we always do don't we? Lol Please give an ax ample when you ceasing communications temporary like for day or a month(S) due to being busy. What kind of bu
How do you feel about chicks sitting on your face? Are you weirded out by it? Or are you down for the cause?
Would you leave your gf/wife if you found out that she can't have children? Let's say you've been dating since 2013, so that's quite some time. You're both in your mid to late 20s so you didn't really expect that you guys would have a problem with that. B
Does @justagirl look like Avril Lavigne? @edgelord and I think she does mainly because of her picture.
Are you Pisces usually mean spirited jokers? I have a Pisces friend and sometime I can’t talk to her because I get hostile when she jokes but she’s always saying mean things that offend me . I think it’s unintentional but it still makes me feel weird bein
What's it like dating a Scorpio? I've always been curious.
Cancer man of 37 here. I have two women in my life that are causing me some emotional issues, and I wanted opinions on the matter. The first lady is a 24 year old Capricorn that smiled at me, and seemed to enjoy my attention at first. Then as I got to
Rules: -voluntarily mispell some words (bonus points if it turns into another word) ex: "eat your mice cream" -occasionally end the post with a question mark for no reason (or other creative punctuation) ex: "I know you can't strive a car ?" -interje
I know she was terminally ill and announced it a few months back. Has anybody had any contact with her outside dxp and knows whether she has passed? I noticed that her last reply to anyone was over 2 months ago.