i confess this sweet proclaim when i say his name when he touches me i feel that blissful pain of vulnerability all
Inspired by a recent relationship and by the structure of the song Just a Girl, She Said by Dubstar, this is a song I'
i kept a thick skin held a measure of disbelief i almost turned around just like i always did before i gave it a so
I will not talk I will not speak Just falling through the cracks And life goes on it always does I???ll hibernate, I
My, original poem, written twelve-billion years ago..give or take a millennium. The Hunted, The howl of the wolf,
How long can I still be around you? How can I turn back the time? Every minute and every second is precious I don't
Dancing in the darkness The flame went out And licked the surface Of the wind Gently she fueled Underneath and abo
thump. thump. thump. thump. thump thump. thump thump. thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thum
i could give you butterflies, put some sparkle in your eyes. it's such a shame that you could never see the best i

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I can't decide if I should get a Mazda or a Hyundai as my next car. Which would you recommend out of those two car manufacturers?
How can someone worship an image they created themselves in their minds (because they don't know these people; they only know what celebrities want them to know; celebrities just put on a show, it's nothing more than a masquerade)? How can someone get
He feels happy that I have been reaching out to him more often and now he feels wanted. He said he was nervous last weekend coz he sees a future with me and I seem to be having my cold feet/panic attack. I went cold turkey last sunday. I was nervous t
Could anyone tell me more about my chart? Is there anything in particular that I should know about it? Thanks, I'd appreciate it! [IMG]http://i65.tinypic.com/2lc7ej4.png[/IMG]
So, I am going to see someone special soon and its been years! I wanna be comfortable but still cute. I cant wear heels. Farthest Ill go is boots. lol Its gonna be like 60-65 degree weather.... Sucks because everywhere I go theyre selling like super t
Why am I terrified to go near the sea or even scared of sea creatures when I’m a cancer, I can’t even go near water at night.
Yeah, I definitely feel dumb. So I work with this gemini guy, and I think he’s cute (most of them are) lol. Anyway, he’s kind of flirty with me, and I have seen him like that with any other girl..... but i do realize just have a flirty nature. So he sends
I've never ghosted or disappeared on anyone I care about. If I'm going to be out of touch for a while I let them know. We need stop making excuses for bad behavior from unevolved people.
I’m honored of course. Her mom lives VERY far away, so I feel extra special about her asking me to go dancing with her and her mom next Saturday. BUT we are still “friends” with some benefits. Should I be reading in to this a little more as a sign of so