After your heart has been rendered so much bloodless, quivering tissue how do you know when it's right again? Do you nu
I am spring rain, Bringing life to parched fields and Arid land. I am fire, consuming all in its path. A great Drago
My wish for you my darling girl is that you walk in beauty as you have always done for me. May the skies above you be f
im bringing rose and skin with me behind blinds and sentinals magic hands and warm energy over distant mind and thick
anyone here have any experience with self-publishing? specifically anthologies??
write everyday. They have 3-5 things in the mail, waiting and waiting for the response. They write everyday. Real wri
once upon a time small fate happened we'd hardly even noticed as this exists against all odds two paths crossed acro
We gave you a day of every week. Many of our religions are based and centered on you. We know you by many aliases in m
like sinking sin like falling in how i give in to tempting skin pouring in a master's whim a wicked grin games i
i confess this sweet proclaim when i say his name when he touches me i feel that blissful pain of vulnerability all
Inspired by a recent relationship and by the structure of the song Just a Girl, She Said by Dubstar, this is a song I'
i kept a thick skin held a measure of disbelief i almost turned around just like i always did before i gave it a so
I will not talk I will not speak Just falling through the cracks And life goes on it always does I???ll hibernate, I
My, original poem, written twelve-billion years ago..give or take a millennium. The Hunted, The howl of the wolf,

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Is this a thing?.... Anyone have any juice to spill?.🤣
By those social media friends who are selling god knows what and always harassing me on messenger asking if they can recruit me or have me part of the team or who knows what!??? How do you politely say treetrunk off, without losing a friendship? I’m runnin
If so, what placements and how do you think it affects you?
Something wrong is going on with my pisces (1st decan) boss. After he spent three years making jokes about any possible relationship between us, the forth last year he decided to switch his tactics by intimidating me and isolating me at work. I was just
I had a dream last week that a kid that my mom and I were babysitting was possessed by the devil. We were in a pool at a hotel and she just started saying things in a demonic sounding voice. We tried to get her mom to come get her but she couldn't and we
if you look at your home page i think youtube think i'm a masochist lol mine are: Master of Illusion: Crash Course Puppies rescued Sybil: A Brilliant Hysteric? The Ghastly Cleveland Torso Murders Are ghost ships real? *more videos about re
Accidentally logged off and all of a sudden I see post by HeavyEShow!!! Pizza and Jed with his nipples...I was like...butter! What happened? Why? Then I realized I am logged off... Whew...that was NASTY!!! Like waking up from a bad dream...
Does this ever happen to you? I don't mean dreams that you thought were real when they were happening, that's pretty common. I mean dreams where days, months, or even years later you recall something happening thinking it happened in the real world when i
So i met this Virgo guy, he told me that he likes me a lot, and keep saying like he likes everything about me. Asked me not to worry. But then, he can go disappeared on me for days or weeks without contact. After he said he loves or likes me or whatsoe
I am a libra. I made a post about this aqua before, but basically we have been friends with benefits I guess you could call it for almost 7 years now. Until a year ago, we didn't live close to each other. He moved to my area and only lives a few miles fro
I'm not talking about a retirement plan. It's something that I have been thinking about a lot lately, and I'm not explicitly talking about money or how are you going to save enough for you to have a decent quality of life after you retire. Assuming
I request you to interpret this chart Pls help me..... I know its a huge imposition...really value you viewpoints Something about this person's personal life.... Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0 Sun Virgo 11.38 Ascendant Virgo 3.22