Leo/Virgo Cusps- Cusp of Exposure!

Hey lets talk about the Leo/Virgo cusp born August 19-25 Leo/Virgo August 19 to August 25 Leo is the fifth sig
Until the end of time we'll be the story they tried to write
Leo/Virgo cusper turned my life upside down............have a seat.
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I feel like the 26th is also verrrrry cuspy!! Just ask me! That's my birthday lol I've always felt like a total conundrum and very cuspy. I have Taurus Moon as well though, so it exaggerates all of these other tendencies aside from boisterousness. Taurus keeps me introverted but I love it. I think my chart balances me out magically well
Hello everyone! I am a newbie. Leo/Virgo cuspian woman myself. Born on 21st of August, never identify as a leo my whole life. A strange combo even for myself. Admiring virgos.

I was reading JustSag's story and I wonder if he and his leo/virgo cusp end up together.
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Well came back just to see this thread a year later,
It's really hard to be on this cusp. I feel I have all the tools to be happy/successful, knowledgable, but none of which to balance all of the opposing traits. So many contradictions in my character that I understand, but others do not.
Problem solvers.

Cross your legs and relax, the world is working perfectly.

Thanks to you.

No one is going to persist at anything truly, madly, deeply evil now that you've exposed the underlying mechanics of psychological perfection from abuse through your sensitive touch. There's time to play with the children and be yourself, too, provided you haven't been stood up to the point of solitary confinement.

The sky is a deep, pastel shade of indigo in late August. Share the fruits of the harvest (without trying!!!).
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So I have a friend that's a Leo/Virgo and she never knew until I figured it out she figured she was a Virgo like me. When me and her talk a lot of times I see her Virgo side kind of come out because we understand eachother in a simple way, but when she's around our Capricorn friend she seems like such a Leo lol. She's such a secretive person and barely EVER tells us who she likes or what's on her mind, and for some reason she opens up more to me in a lot of ways and I wonder if its because we're both similar in some ways. She isnt very interested in relationships either, and she seems to get upset with our Capricorn very easily. But I love that she's a Leo/Virgo I think it makes her more interesting lol.
^Hey thanks for reading my posts hah. I appreciate your input very much.

You august 24th girls are a breed apart, that's for damn sure.

The thing that struck me about the relationship at the time is just how quickly it both progressed and ended. I have never before or since had that kind of connection with someone, it was extremely addicting.

Haven't really said much on here since that last post, but after that we kept talking and it was going very well...one night I couldn't hold it in anymore and I told her that I wanted her back in my life in a more significant way. The conversation was weird, she practically made me spell it out. It's like she wanted me to say something but I purposely acted vague because honestly I was too scared to come out and say fully what I felt. She seemed kind of surprised when I said that, and we agreed to be friends after she said her life was going to be too crazy (fair point) in the very near future for anything to work. However the conversation ended well. We continued as friends after that, but it wasn't quite the same.

Before I made that stupid mistake, I had told her a few times that I wanted to come to see her, and each time she seemed to like that idea quite a bit. After we had that conversation, I did ask her out and she ignored it. I had already planned to see some friends in the same area, so I went anyway, and told her I was there. She acted like she never got the message, and when she found out I was there she seemed much more open to speaking all of a sudden. Then she admitted that she had ignored the previous ask. We agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning.

That went very well, honestly it was the most fun I've had with anyone on a date since...probably the last time we had a date. Both coming and going she hugged me pretty tight and her touch seemed to linger just a bit. It went well and she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. She was going back home for the summer the next day and since then we've barely spoken. She is a summer associate at a law firm, so she's probably working close to 100 hour weeks I'm sure. However, in the last 6 weeks we've maybe had a combined 20 minutes of conversation. I haven't really made an effort, and she definitely hasn't. I'm not sure really where to go from here, but I have no idea what to say.

I feel like I blew it, but can't really tell. She's pretty hard to read from a (huge) distance.
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Wow JustaSag, in a totally non-flirtacious way I feel as if you are 100% describing me and my birthday is August 24th as well. Crazy.

From my own experience with a relationship that lasted about 2.5 years and ended in late 2010 as well, we had begun to grow very distant and I also had found myself becoming very suspicious about everything he said/did. Our arguments were over the same thing and I felt as if he was never truly supporting me even when he was. Basically, being the on the cusp of exposure, always searching for life's greater truths, I always felt that he was hiding something from me and that I needing to do whatever it took to uncover the truth. Well it killed our relationship, and in true Virgo fashion I began to nitpick everything about him. And with him being a Taurus, change never went over well...
I think some of my Leo tendencies also got in the way here; I became very very jealous of other girls that would even look at him because I was so insecure that he wasn't pouring over how wonderful I was (when in reality I was being a huge pain in the butt most of the time).

Like you, this relationship has never disappeared from my mind almost 4 years later and it kills me. Everything reminds me of him and how beautiful our relationship was when it was going smoothly and we were very much in love.

If you were really dramatic about how it ended, she probably views you as immature and emotionally cut herself off from the relationship. However, if you took the high road and left her alone, like my Taurus did, then she is probably still very mentally aware of you and thinks of you almost daily.

Just from my experience as a Virgo born on August 24th.
Thanks for the info.

In the last (almost) 5 weeks since we've been "talking" again, I've kind of noticed a pattern. We will have one really good conversation a week, maybe two, that go on a for a long time and are very enjoyable. Almost always ends up with someone saying they would like to see the other person. However, immediately following and for the next few days/full week, she is very distant. Still reaches out on social media but won't respond to texts at all. Seems a little strange. Not sure if this is a pattern of behavior thats common or not. She is, of course, very hard to read.
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"Born Aug 24....Leo/Virgo Cusp....Aquarius Moon....Sagittarius Rising
Hello Justasag

well that's good news that the ex isn't in the picture, the Leo/Virgo cusps share certain traits but we all don't act the same, since we all have different things happing in life and levels of experience. But based on the Aug 24th perspective (from me and my other co-worker) once the trust is established and we are very loyal. But once the trust is gone, we tend to step back and not give so much

but sure no problem,
Thanks a lot, you've been a great help. Got some information, seems like the other ex isn't really in the picture. Also we've had some additional contact since the last post. I guess the biggest thing that confuses me is the inconsistency. Sometimes, as you say, she want to talk for hours - and then other days seems very distant. I guess that's just life, just trying to figure out what that might mean. I'm hoping that I have another chance to travel in her area again so I can see if she's amenable to going out with me just once.

Thanks so much for the encouragement.
female from 24and1/2th Century
"Born Aug 24....Leo/Virgo Cusp....Aquarius Moon....Sagittarius Rising
that's interesting she has Moon in Gemini, those people love to talk your ear off, and the fact that she doesn't seem to want to talk to you, well that's not good

also another ex in the picture too, so who knows maybe she's confused right now, needs time alone, she probably won't say what she's feeling maybe you should ask her next time you talk to her, get her to talk to you. She shouldn't be that closed off, if she still interested in you

well hope it goes well with her
Hey sorry didn't check back for a bit - was traveling the last few days.

Moon sign is Gemini - description I read of that seems apt, however she definitely does have trouble talking about her feelings. When we were together that was a huge thing. We both sucked at it, although I tried to make the effort.

One thing I really came to realize in the years since we broke up is that I tended to say what I was feeling quite a bit - I always told her I loved her, how great I thought she was, everything. But I don't think she totally bought it. It was a long-distance relationship, which contributed to the feeling I'm sure. But I think maybe I didn't show it enough. My actions didn't maybe appear to be those of someone who loved her. Of course I thought they were, but I was also not as smart as I am now I guess. Definitely actions speak louder than words for someone with her chart I feel, so I perhaps blew it that way.

We haven't had much contact in the last week or so now...just a couple short conversations. Friendly but she always stops responding. Hasn't made an effort really to reach out. Her attitude is hard to read. I was actually in her town visiting some friends this past weekend, we had a short conversation, she then mentioned she was getting a drink with one of her exes, which kind of scared me. I then said that was too bad I was going to ask if she wanted to grab a drink with me later that night. Never responded. So, I don't know. I'm trying to give her space. That's all I can really think to do now.
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