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  • Mimi618
    Posted by VirgoFlirt
    Posted by Mimi618
    Hello everyone,

    so I got this awesome deal when I was born. I got a total of 4 planets in my 12th house in Virgo.

    It's: Moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter!

    Such a awesome deal when you were born...Zeus done a number on you also...:-)

    Consider mars, moon, saturn and jupiter is all in pisces, even though your 12th house is in virgo. Sometimes you feel like your at the bottom of a grave...? The pisces horoscopes will apply to you and not capricorn.
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    What do you mean??Stop scaring me ??_?? LOL. Can you elaborate? I'm really interested in input, I want to figure these placements out. Does Jupiter "protect" me so much that the other placements pretty much don't exist? :-)
  • my birthday is march 31st and when i was younger i'd always read the pisces horoscopes instead because i related to them more than what i read on aries. now that i know a lot more about astrology than i did when i was 12 and reading tiger beat trying to find my love matches i have found that pisces is quite prominent in my chart so it makes a bit more sense
  • CLCNY30
    Creative Virgo
    female from NY, US

    I take more of an interest in the Pisces horoscopes tho, LOL. I already know wtf I'm going through, I always want to know what's up in the planets for THEM...
  • GemSunPiscMoon
    "Sun Gemini Moon Pisces Rising Capricorn Mercury Cancer Venus Cancer Mars
    26 years old male from Missouri
    for me i feel my pisces moon way more than i feel my gemini sun. is okay to identify yourself as an pisces, if you think your moon over poweres your sun? when i read pisces horoscopes and stuff it's me 100% .