Pisces Third Decan: Astrology Meaning

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  • The first decan Pisces (Feb) are the ones most likely. Then the third decan Pisces( 15-20 march) as well may also behave this way.
  • First talk to him about it. Then buy him something like a present just to show him affection.

    I am a third decan Pisces most times I do hold grudges for a long time. I will be pretending as if every thing is OK, mean while deep inside I'm still heartbroken. I found out that communication works best when I'm having a grudge against someone.

    The point is you have to earn my trust first that's when I can cool down. I might have mood swings during this time. But you have to be persistent then I'll let you in again.

    So just talk to your Pisces and make sure you communicate every tiny little detail. Cause he probably thinks you don't trust him. Let him know that you love him.
  • CopperDove
    Venusian Scorp
    So far, the most repeating moons in my close relationships (close friendships and romance) have been Sag, Libra, and Pisces moon. Cap and Aries moon get honourable mentions.

    I have a 0 degree Gem moon, so first decan Sag, Libra and Aries moons form a positive aspect with my moon, and third decan Pisces and Cap moons form positive out of sign aspects.

    Virgo moon is a favourite of mine. I have one close friend with it who is Aqua sun, Virgo moon. One of my favourite relatives was Gem sun, Virgo moon.

  • I'm just offended by how people describe pisces to be a bad sun sign. Just like any other sign, there are different types of Pisces and not all are the same. The most common are the three decans, 19-06 feb-march.

    The first one is aqua-pisces cusp type . These are loyal and lovable. Probably the best typical Pisces. These guys mostly are stable but their beginnings are rough as well. They are loyal and dependable. They usually like to help if you ask them for hrlp. Due to the fact that these people can evolve to the most principled type. Its hard to even notice that these guys are Pisces. Most of them are writers and teachers.

    The second is the average Pisces. Born 07-16 March. These guys are flamboyant, flirty, Casanovas and playful. They are also addicts but most of them usually stop just like the first decan. They are also spiritual and easy going. Probably, this is the type of Pisces you are talking about. They are friendly and easy to spot in a crowd. Most of them lawyers and musicians because they love to talk and debate.

    The third decan is the Pisaries. Mostly known as the cusp of rebirth. These people are the ultimate Pisces. These are down to earth, they also love material things and they are usually shy. But be careful these guys are silent burners. Most of them are usually addicts as well so they are not stable. But they also love a challenge due to the Aries cusp effect. They are well respected in society because of their bravery and humbleness. They have a shot temper. They are loyal as well but once you piss them off they'll leave you. Most of them are entrepreneurs, accountants and marketers.
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    A lot

    you've always seemed more like a pisces to me. the only thing i know about your chart is that you're an aqua. though you don't seem like an aqua in the way some people on the board do.

    not to be offensive.

    I became aware of that after the first year of being on dxp, I clashed with many aquas because I was always in my feels. Maybe it has to do with being on the cusp, maybe not who knows.

    do you believe in cusps? i am not sure if i do or don't.

    i'm 1st decan taurus but like 8 degrees. so cusp stuff doesn't affect me obv.

    I’m third decan Aqua and 2 degrees away from pisces. I will say I’m pretty sensitive and emotional, one person on dxp here has dealt with all of it. So if anyone knows how I really am, it’s him.

    2 degrees from pisces? so really a cusp if they're real. smile and that's cool you had that kind of connection with someone. i hope you're still friends. smile

    Oh trust me.. we definitely are ☺️😉

    I tried to be more intellectual logical blah blah like an aqua should be but I can’t help that how I feel gets the best of me.

    if you're an emotional and expressive person naturally then treetrunk people who don't accept that. i went through most of my life being a robot because i was afraid to be vulnerable enough to share how i'm feeling. it treetrunks with you after a while. i met a virgo who changed me. now everyone thinks i'm a crybaby. but better a crybaby than a robot.

    Yess that’s exactly what I went through but I’ve opened up a lot and I’m kinda happy with who I am, I feel I can connect better with others. I don’t worry as much about being vulnerable, it puts me at ease than bottling everything up. This friend of mine calls me crybaby flo lol

    that's good you've opened up. it's always a shame when deeply sensitive people pretend to be a weird evil version of stoic to try to pacify others. we only just have this one life (at least as this one person) so you gotta live it like you're never coming back. and if that involves crying and being sensitive then it does! you seem emotional to me but on the board i've never thought anything weird about it. so it's not excessive or weird.

    heyy not all stoics are evil

    i said evil version not normal stoic. smile being stoic is fine. but it being forced and faked and generally not authentic is someone hurting themselves. which is what i meant by evil stoic. that's just a form of repressing feelings though.

    i do that all the time

    but i've a lot of virgo in me
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    my most recent ex is a cancer. and if you asked her to describe me in two words one would be "controlled" and the other would be "moody" lmao. so i can get you. i'm just saying it's probably better to not be that way if you're not naturally that way.