Understand The Pisces Woman Using Astrology

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    lol. Sexual tension? You sure that's just not gas?

    So Libra?

    Ooooh. I wanna say "so close," but not even lukewarm. My love for bathroom humor and sex jokes is very unVenusian. Here's a hint: when you take a dump, what is your toilet bowl to make it float?

    Okay I'm saying Pisces

    You can smell the fish scent through the monitor, huh?

    Cap and Fish let's get the boots to knockin babe

    A cookiemonster smells like lowtide on a hot summer day, and a Cap man still trynna hit.

    @kitten_ might be a troll, but she aint wrong...

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    If there’s one emoji that sums up what dating a Pisces woman is like, it’s this lmao
  • DeadInside
    they'll bend the knee
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    Yup, Capricorn men - Pisces women are the most long-lasting pairing on Zodiac. Pisces men - Cap women are also decent 💖

    He bit he like her in that tight dress when he first met her lol
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    idk for me pisces woman is a hard no
  • And he will leave that Cancer, once a Pisces woman showed up. That was natural circle. No offense 🤓
  • I am a Pisces woman that has been with an Aquarius man (great compatibility, I know) for about two months now. We have had a few hiccups here and there, and whenever this happens, he completely shuts down and refuses to talk to me. The most recent occasion was about two days ago now, after I saw someone tagging him in very "lovey dovey" things. I confront him about this and he says she is an ex who believes they will get back together, and he does not want to hurt her. When I show that I'm upset about this, he also gets upset and completely stops talking to me. How do I know when these mood swings go from irritating to emotionally abusive?
  • Damnata
    Best PIMP this side of the Atlantic.
    29 years old female
    Virgo man - Pisces woman
    Virgo man - Scorpio woman
    Virgo man - Gemini woman

    ^I've seen this most often in top 3 for Virgo men.