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    Aries Sun / Capricorn Moon / Libra Ascendant / Aries Mercury
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    I don't understand the generalization that Aquarians aren't jealous. I used to think this might be true, but getting to know many Aquarian guy friends (one who had an Aquarian ex, they were both madly jealous over each other,) having dated an Aquarius for 6 months now, and having avoided an Aquarian girl who tried to latch herself right onto me and got offended anytime I talked to other girls (including my Aquarius girlfriend!)

    I know jealous behavior and possessive behavior when I see it because I recognize when it arises in myself. I know the verbal and facial cues, the body language, the responses, etc. And I've had a couple of them (including my girlfriend) straight up admit their jealous and don't know why.

    Is it a false generalization? Or is it something to do with my chart and my synastry with Aquarians?