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    Aquarians get jealous, we are only human....

    I think Aquarians are more aware that they are jealous than other signs, I think we are more conscious of our feelings in general. I need to remind myself it’s ok to be jealous and that it’s a human experience we all go through.

    My moon is in Scorpio so I feel emotions quite strongly but at the same time my sun is Aquarius and every time I feel something the Aquarius in me is like tsk tsk, you’re weak etc....

    But yeh....Aquarians are emotional as treetrunk

    Lol hi I can relate to this. I'm just going to copy/paste part of what I typed in my thread because I feel like it applies here. This Aqua lady also has Scorp moon. Shes been playful with me recently but I pretty sure she did it out of possible jealousy in this situation yesterday.
    She shows her emotions in a indirect way. Thurs-Sun was a lot of walking for us both and at the end of the day instead of saying she wanted to just go home she started complaining about her feet hurting.

    "So Sunday I decided I would talk to her about other girls that I thought were cute. Really didn't get a reaction. Until this one time we were waiting for an autograph in a line. She had to go to the bathroom so I had her things. A girl came to me and we started talking about how she didn't really have much time left and had to catch a train. Aqua lady came back and we traded places so I could use the bathroom. I gave her my book that I was getting autographs in. Then when I came back the girl behind us told me hi again. We talked a little bit then I was trying to get my book back from Aqua lady. She started being playful and wouldn't give me my book back. So I put my arm around her and got close. Eventually she did. The girl behind us made a remark like thats something her brother would do. Which I didn't like one bit. I think Aqua lady did that on purpose for some reason. So that lady had to leave before the line moved. I tried getting her facebook but had a hard time finding her and she just had to leave."
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    That little anecdote at the end is something I can relate to. My Aquarius is generally very chatty, pretty much spouting about all her thoughts and I tend to listen more than I speak. She doesn't really show much outward interest in my attention too much, until I get on the phone with a female friend. Then she's doing everything she can to distract me, like trying to tickle me, grab my legs, drag me around the house, just trying to get me to laugh and not engage with someone else. It's really interesting, apparently manipulative behavior.