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    Posted by Undine
    "I'm not breaking up with you!" "We are going to be friends forever!" Tongue

    Basically. I broke up with an Aquarius last Thursday, spent the weekend across the state, and she said she doesn't ever want to lose me from her life. I'm chill with being friends, I care a lot about her. Come home Monday, she "runs into me" at the one place she knew she'd find me in public. Gets teary-eyed, says she can't be there in public, asks me to go for a walk. We sit down on the bench, talk about our futures apart, how much she saw in me and how grateful she is for me, then leans her head on my shoulder. Then she grabs my hand. Then she asks me to tell her if I start seeing someone else. I go to hug her before I leave and she steals a kiss. Now she says we don't have to define ourselves as a label, but she's considering us to be casually "seeing" each other. Things are interesting in the immediate post-breakup realm of the Aquarius, but it'll get clearer as she goes aloof.