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    Aries Sun / Capricorn Moon / Libra Ascendant / Aries Mercury
    30 years old from United States
    Joined dxpnet on December 03, 2015.
    I recently moved to the whole house system after discovering that it took my Saturn out of the 4th House of family and into the 5th House childhood and self-expression. It never felt right that my Saturn was in the 4th house. "In some way, a child with a 4th House Saturn experiences a home life that is thrown into major disarray: through financial struggles, the loss of a parent (by either death or abandonment), a particularly large family, constant moving, or anything else that could significantly turn things upside down." That's just not me. And I never felt like I had to take on a huge role in the family either.

    Once Saturn was moved into the 5th house and I began reading about it, I was like, holy crap that makes sense. I am a working artist who has found success and popularity in creating my artwork, and yet feels like my artwork is a sham and has a hard time expressing myself. Artwork has always felt like hardwork, and same with anything else that has to do with self-expression. Yet, it's something that I felt like I had to do, not like a joyful compulsion but like a destiny that I couldn't change. Right now I'm in the middle of writing an ebook about finding your creative vision, and that is such a Saturn in the 5th house thing to do.