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    Posted by EtherealTraveler
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    Posted by EtherealTraveler
    6 months with a Pisces

    pisces is great, how come it ends? :"(

    My immaturity and how we kinda no longer felt the chemistry and zeal we used to feel after a series of arguments, she said we should break up else its gonna go super toxic in the long run if we kept dating

    It was a really good synastry chart too, sun/moon double whammy, my mars conjunct her venus

    I still think about it every now and then and felt a sense of regret and powerlessness Sad
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    I'm sure she thinks about it too. Sometimes we just need to give things time. Hopefully in a different period of time 2 souls can once again connect. But don't stay too long, if any feeling appears you must grasp it with your bare hands and tell her.