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    6 months with a Pisces

    pisces is great, how come it ends? :"(

    My immaturity and how we kinda no longer felt the chemistry and zeal we used to feel after a series of arguments, she said we should break up else its gonna go super toxic in the long run if we kept dating

    It was a really good synastry chart too, sun/moon double whammy, my mars conjunct her venus

    I still think about it every now and then and felt a sense of regret and powerlessness Sad

    I'm sure she thinks about it too. Sometimes we just need to give things time. Hopefully in a different period of time 2 souls can once again connect. But don't stay too long, if any feeling appears you must grasp it with your bare hands and tell her.

    I don't think its possible now for anything aside from a platonic friendship as we are now since she got engaged to someone else days ago Sad I'm now but a fleeting memory in the past, she moves on quickly too so there's also that
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    Oh my...I'm sorry for the late response and sorry to hear that. That must be harsh, all the memories I mean. I sometimes I use new emotions to replace the old ones, so sometimes I might be cold to the other and seem ignorant. But after the reminiscent period I hope you will get back out there, human just have different processing pace and it doesn't mean it's the end. Just another good memory to keep in our tiny little hearts :")