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    Joined dxpnet on May 28, 2018.
    Posted by RollergirlOrc
    He wants me to be a porn star.... to him only. (who knew? Ha) which, in other words, means he is enamored with my body but also likes the brains behind it. Wants me to meet his friends. Spends over 24 hours hanging around me. I guess it's that simple, if they like you, they will not get this urge to run away from you after so many hours. They don't hold anything back once they trust you, but then that's a lot of signs.

    Yeah, the 'want you to meet his friends' is real, mine is also like that. It's like he's trying to show off his partner to all the friends, "look what I just got here" stuff. But mine also seems aloof, maybe it's a Taurus way when they are sick or handle their own things. The aloofness is confusing all the other signs. Are sometimes they like that?