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    31 years old
    Joined dxpnet on August 14, 2017.
    Honestly I hate doing this but I compare myself to my friends a lot. And compared to them my progress is super slow.
    My highschool friends (That I still contact)
    One didn't even try to go to college at all, works two jobs, has a nice townhouse and has a girlfriend that lives an hour away from me now.
    Another one has a family, got their certificate in college but didn't do anything with it. Works at a factory. Has a nice house.
    Both are 27, a year younger than me.

    Another friends circle: (Who also live an hour away)
    Most of them (Ages 22-24) Already got their associates in whatever they're going for and getting their bachelors. Living with parents/other family Working part time jobs.
    And then a 27 yr old thats been to a couple jobs, no college experience, been living with friends.

    I either moved out of my parents house a little before I was 18 or afterwards I can't remember now. Started working full time right after high school. (2009) Started working on my certificate. That was a run around due to the college giving me a schedule that wasn't complete. Didn't know that until it was too late. So had to drop out of a class that I wasn't attending. Finally got my certifcate in 2013

    2015 (Or so I can't even remember when I exactly started) I started working on my associates at a technical college. I got pretty far and good grades. I think I was about a semester or two before I would have graduated. Then it closed down. Instead of transferring and doing online classes (Never took any, didn't want to.) I got my credits refunded and I didn't have to pay for any of that.

    All this time I've been moving to a lot of different friends houses Some with their parents, some not. Eventually moving in back with my mom because things just don't work out after a while.

    2017 (Fall) started again to work on my associates and been working on that.
    All this time I've been at my same job (First job) since I was 18, working full time. I've watched a car business get bigger and actually become a dealership with a lot more employees than it used to be. In that time I had maybe like 3 raises. The first one a two dollar raise, a 25 cent raise. Then a $ 1.25 raise somewhere around last September.
    And then finally being laid off as of last Wednesday a long with a couple other employees. With no return date. Due to very slow sales. They also dropped 3 other employees. One being a sales manager.
    I still have a couple things stored at that dealership, that they haven't called me about yet. Like some appliances and a car.
    Since then I've put like 6 applications but with no call back.

    Would like to just get my associates and find a job after that. But I have like 2 possibly 3 more semesters. I can't wait that long being unemployed though.

    So with all of that....Am I successful?