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    Joined dxpnet on May 28, 2018.
    So this man I dated is an Aquarius man. We have the same Venus (Cap) and Mars (Leo), and different moon (his moon is Libra). I'm full aware it took a while for Aquarius man to warm up and feel intimacy/love with a person, he's always been this sweet, mature man and I can trust him (I think) because thanks to our Venus in Cap he's clear intentions.

    But this weekend suddenly he became this whole new person. He's usually back home by 10pm, sometimes sooner, and doesn't like beer that much (he's young). But yesterday he was at god-knows-when after a beer night with his buddy at the worst place in town, without any updates. He told me he would go there and vanished. He probably is staying somewhere on the street now, I don't even know. Just imagine this nice boy becoming the worst man you always fear, I'm Pisces so it's tougher to acknowledge a whole new side of your lover since I'm grounded with my partner's personality (not grounded with habits and routines like Taurus).

    I don't know if this is just a test from him to see how I react, and he was back home earlier OR he genuinely was this heartless person indulging his own carefree life with buddies. I don't even see it coming, that is the saddest part. Is this the way Aquarius man treats their lover? I'm scared right now since 1 more month he will be off to scholarship for 2 years and tonight derails everything I plan to have with him in our soon-to-be long distance relationship.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't care about him going out, but that "worst place" has the most terrific traffic and accidents so this is my protective, caring side. The day before that I went to the waterpark with my bestie, and I fear he must have got the wrong idea and in doubt of my love for him, so he pulls this whole dramatic scene. So confused!