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    31 years old male from Sunnyside, Houston, Texas
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    "This is the guy who gets the woman into the bedroom with a promise of 10 inches and 3 times, and turns out to have 3 inches, but does it 10 times."

    Excuse me ma'am! I just need to clear up one thing here. I would like to say that for me, it's more like 7" and only 1 time. Bust a nut, wash my dick, grab my butter, promise to call her tomorrow, and go. She calls back in a couple days asking how come I ain't called her.

    Naw but really though...

    That is some funny butter it says about us. Probably true for the most part too. I don't know about promising no 10 inches and 3 times though. Usually one time in one setting is good enough. So long as I gets mines.