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    31 years old
    Joined dxpnet on August 14, 2017.
    So I've been living with my mom for a while now, due to the fact that my last roomate was crap and couldn't find another roomate in time. Recently a opportunity came up and a friend needs a roomate and decided to take that. Bad side is that makes my job an hour drive away (And well I'm still in college Until spring semester next year in my current town.) but I feel like that will make me more open to getting a new job in the city I will be living in since I actually will be living in that city.

    My moms against it well because mainly because she'll be living alone, suffers from major anxiety (Which gives me a butter ton of stress that I don't need) and is coming up with every excuse in the book for me to not go.)

    My dad on the other side doesn't really like the idea since I don't have a job there.

    I myself think its a great idea because I feel the need to be more independent anyway, plus I think it should open me up for new job opportunities and probably a better chance of me getting a girlfriend since I wouldn't be living with my parents.

    Since I've been living with mom for a while I've saved enough money up to make a choice like this.
    I feel both parents are going to be negative about me moving away (Its only an hour away...) and it wouldn't matter who I would be living with.