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    31 years old
    Joined dxpnet on August 14, 2017.
    Okay so.....were still talking.
    But anyway I feel like I only attract ppl like this
    Different situation
    For instance my roomate gave me a 50 ticket to come with him to a party called burbon fest. It was with him, a coworker of his and other people, trying out burbon.
    Im not a social person. Especially with ppl i dont know but I did good today.
    I got to know one person in the group. And a potential job offer woo because they're looking for a IT guy . She was a cute redheaded lady. Probablem was her friend (a guy) was all over her (she even came to me and told me that it was kinda awkward because she used to babysit him and it was appearent she didnt like him that way, but she kept going with it)
    I inadvertently got her number when she lost her phone and I offered to call it
    Idk if I even should try to contact her

    My roomate got along with this one chick really good but has low self esteem. He didnt get her number and is now kicking himself in his teeth. She works with the redheaded lady. I found that lady on facebook. Not sure if I should help him out or not. Or would it be weird for him to even try to contact her in the first place. She was really into him.
    Im just indecisive if I should be a bro and try to help him out or not. Or like hes 28 and shouldn't need any help.