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    Posted by DonnaLibra
    Taurus - my (Scorpio) dads 1st wife was one and he's still not over it even though his 2nd wife was a Gemini and his now 3rd is a Cancer. He still talks about the Taurus and just can't put it to rest.

    Something about Taurus and Taurus dad still has love for my Scorpio mom who left him. On his 3rd wife and still visits my mother his 1st wife....

    LOL, yeah the Taurus is my bio Mom and she still talks about him too. He had surgery last year and Taurus wanted so bad to visit and comfort him but the Cancer was not having it.
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    My mom is a scorpio. And she still have soft spot for the Virgo man from her past. I don't think she getting over him ever.