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    Posted by Arinoaqua
    I don’t deserve a Virgo though.

    Dafuc are you going on about with this meekness which is so unbecoming to an Aries? I'd bet money no Virgo ever said to you that you don't measure up. But leaving Virgos aside..stupid annoying know-it-alls *slams door in all their smug faces*

    You should definitely not settle - leave the settling to earth suns and people with heavy earth - y'all fire signs are too idealistic. I've seen Aries give up on hope and chances and it's always a heartbreaking sight - filled with apathy and cinicism - their fireworks diminished to the light of a match. You keep your flame burning and one day there'll be again a New Year's eve on the sky of your life - just have to have some patience for it.

    Good on you for knowing what makes you feel alive and being black and white about it - it's a strength not a flaw.