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    Gem Mars is what I always referred to as a scatterbrained placement. The lack of focus is something I struggled with my whole life. I tell people I have a shiny penny syndrome because I get distracted really easily. So I can see how Gem Mars is fickle.

    But duplicitous or wearing a mask is something I really don’t relate to and I don’t see it in @ixi either and I think we both have this Mars. If anything, I got criticized for being too direct.

    Currently dating a Gem Mars. I think people always think this about Gemini placements in general (wearing a mask or duplicitousness) and it really has nothing to do with the other person.
    Gemini placements aren’t malicious at all. They just get distracted and uninterested easily.
    You either keep their interest or you don’t.
    It’s really that easy. Do fun and exciting stuff, keep them entertained intellectually, and have a little mischievous streak and it keeps their “adhd” in attraction mode.
    There isn’t much mystery about Geminis. I think people overthink when it comes to this sign. I think it just confuses people instead because there isn’t just one thing that can satisfy them. It has to be a variety of life experiences with a person that will keep them long term.
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    Personally I don’t think duplicitous is even attributable to one sign. I think any sign can have deceitful people.