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    Posted by SitusInversus27
    Leo - Says they aren't bothered by haters, but falls for the disinterested every time. They have a bad habit of trying to prove themselves to people.

    Pisces - Says they're all about equality, justice, empathy yet can be moody, manipulative and sneaky little cookiemonsteres who will do some really bad drama to get things done 'their way'.

    Cancer - Says they're not just like mes, are just like mes. Enough said.

    Taurus (especially women) - Lazy ass beings who can't be moved to do butter if they do not want to, yet are attracted to successful people. In short, no.1 spot in Gold-digging. (Taurus moon as well)

    Agree with your assessment. Especially Taurus. They pretend to have their butter together and lie to try to find out what you have, then the truth comes out and you find out they are trying to win from your gains.
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    Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.. need I say more?