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    It's contradictory that Scorpio m/f expect total loyalty and commitment from their partners while they have no problem with pursuing their other love interests whenever they feel passionate about it. They also want total honesty while being manipulative and secretive themselves.

    Virgos love to criticise, but Heaven forbid You give a remark to them. They can't accept it and become defensive. Also for a perfectionist, they can be messy, scattered all around the place and unable to see the big picture.

    I was gonna write the part about Scorpios, but you did it earlier than me.

    And spot on about Virgos as well. 💯👌🏻

    we are all flawed. I would love to hear about Aries Women. But I came to one all about "action-reaction". We perceive someone through our set of inner values, so it depends on what we are like too. Some energies work well, some not

    Let me point out some for you,

    Aries men and women - 1. Says they're all action and no talk, but they have a bad habit of procrastinating, at times even worse than Pisces.

    2. Says they want 'passion, intensity, feelings, emotions' yet are the first ones to hop on that 'one night stand dick/kitty'.

    3. Says they're all for peace yet are the first ones to throw punches in an argument.

    Guilty as charged, especially for the 2.

    Oh I know. Though passing out in between sex with a heavy Scorpio placement guy is NOT very Aries like.

    Hahahaha I didn't pass out, I stopped him and told I don't want to do this, I am going to bed. To be honest I am amazed by it too. Sex simply has no pleasure for me anymore. I mean it was good. Scorpio is good in that department in my book, but I was simply fed up in the middle of it...

    That's because you're doing it randomly, with random people who you don't give a treetrunk about nor do they generate any kind of fire inside of you, which as a fire sign is what you'd crave the most.

    this is partly true...I'm missing the flame in most parts of my life 🤷‍♀️
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    I'd say the usual cliché stuff but,

    Find a purpose in life. Make some new hobbies. Try to fall in love once instead of just hopping on a new dick for a change, hard for all that Aries fire but can be done cuz you guys also have good determination.