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    Rihanna. (Only half kidding)

    I’m a Pisces female, so maybe I’m biased. But I actually have met many Pisces women, and have noticed there are two types: either the very shallow and materialistic type—think love to put everything on social media to create an illusion that life is better than what it is.

    Or, they’re very down to earth, can read an entire room, very civic minded, deeply spiritual, and very sensitive—not cry baby sensitive, more so like they care deeply about others, many times to their own detriment.

    Spot on.

    I've met many and dated many, and can say these are definitely 2 sides of the coin for Pisces females.

    The one I met with an Aries moon was the first one, wanted to post every little thing in her life on social media.

    The two with Taurus moons were totally opposite, private and secretive with their life and romantic interests.

    I don’t think the Aries Moon made her that way. I have an Aries Moon and am very private. I’m the type that won’t post a photo for 6 months, people assume I’ve gained weight or look drastically different (half kid) just to see me in person and realize nope...I wasn’t hiding from social media cuz I gained weight, or whatever bs reason they thought, I just don’t live my life on IG all day, waiting for likes.

    Interestingly enough I have a Leo Rising, so idk why I’m not more like those types. My friend though is a Pisces sun gemini Moon, not sure her rising, but she loves to be on social all day. But I feel it must be due to some placement other than the Moon—since that’s like our private, inner self ? Hmm
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    Never said you'd also behave the same just because you have an Aries moon.

    I always say, upbringing and parenting is much more important in shaping a person's character than just astrological placements at the time of their birth.