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    26 years old female from Pisces sun, Aries Moon, Leo Rising
    Joined dxpnet on June 03, 2014.
    Posted by lionfire
    Posted by blackphvse
    Well did you reply to him after he sent you that song?? He's probably thinking you're playing games too if not :/

    If a dude sends me a song about missing my voice, I'ma call that treetrunker up. Ring ring loverboy!

    I replied to him saying.

    Hope everything is fine. Stay safe. I miss you.

    And then nothing he didnt respond to me. Its been two weeks since. Radio silence.

    What should i do next?
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    What’s his other placements?
    Moon? Rising? Mars?

    To be honest, your reply didn’t sound too interested. To me, it didn’t read as open to conversation, and he probably sensed that. But, he’s being a coward and seems emotionally immature. From my experience, Leo men do not know how to apologize, or come crawling back to a woman with their tail between their legs. So that text probably took a lot of setting aside his pride to do, but what good is that if you can’t stand by it? To me, he seems flakey, and you’re in your right to remain guarded.