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    I'm a riot by myself a riot, so nigga don't try it Gun's I collect em, gun's fo
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    Went on Amazon and found liquid iodine and liquid selenium. Liquid is always best. I take three drops of each before bed. It's supposed to be one full dropper but dropper seems to malfunction. Thyroid meds would be the step he described if it was actually advanced instead of just "sluggish." Dr. found that I was actually iodine deficient as well as vitamin D and I have and off and on battle with, that combo really makes you tired. Caught it quickly. I don't take kindly to being tired.
    I have quite a bit of supplements to take. If it's not liquid, it tends to cause me digestive issues so I use probiotics. Probiotics really help against tummy issues...especially with iron which can really cause some digestive issues.