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    Fudge it! Life is life!
    Joined dxpnet on February 28, 2021.
    Oehhh this thread is right on time.
    Could you do my Cap friend chart. Having a midlife crisis at the moment. Roast him at full power please! Would be eternally grateful.

    Sun in 21° 19' Capricorn
    Moon in 23° 6' Taurus
    Mercury in 8° 58' Aquarius
    Venus in 13° 9' Sagittarius
    Mars in 15° 12' Gemini (r)
    Jupiter in 16° 33' Aries
    Saturn in 0° 10' Leo (r)
    Uranus in 6° 44' Scorpio
    Neptune in 12° 54' Sagittarius
    Pluto in 11° 42' Libra
    North Node in 18° 39' Scorpio (r)
    Chiron in 23° 36' Aries
    Ascendant in 7° 4' Taurus
    MC in 23° 56' Capricorn

    1st House starts at 7° Taurus
    (Containing Moon)
    2nd House starts at 7° Gemini
    (Containing Mars)
    3rd House starts at 0° Cancer
    4th House starts at 23° Cancer
    (Containing Saturn)
    5th House starts at 20° Leo
    6th House starts at 24° Virgo
    (Containing Uranus and Pluto)
    7th House starts at 7° Scorpio
    (Containing North Node)
    8th House starts at 7° Sagittarius
    (Containing Venus and Neptune)
    9th House starts at 0° Capricorn
    (Containing Sun)
    10th House starts at 23° Capricorn
    (Containing Mercury)
    11th House starts at 20° Aquarius
    12th House starts at 24° Pisces
    (Containing Jupiter and Chiron)

    Edit: oh damn, I just read you're not accepting charts anymore...