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  • Posted by Ladymaralade
    I’m not sure if it is because I share the same moon but the ones I have met or engaged in I found repulsive.

    It could be the effect of the sun sign and/or the natal chart but I can’t deal with them.

    The combination of this moon with the following sun signs I absolutely detest:

    Sag/Leo moon
    Gemini/Leo moon
    Scorpio/Leo moon
    Aries/Leo moon

    Some of you have dated a Leo moon. What is your experience? Please be honest because I am sure that a lot of Leo moons here in DXP could learn from your views, although I very much doubt they would be mature enough to handle it.

    Also those of you who have dated/are with someone with the same moon as yourself what is it like? Are you repulsed by it or do you like it?

    Thank God my other half has a sag moon. If he had a Leo moon I would be prison right now for 1st degree murder.

    The floor is yours.

    *Disclaimer: keep it clean peeps*.

    LOL well I'll admit - I'm a Scorp Sun, Leo Moon.

    In public - I've never been one to be dramatic at all. I observe a lot, and listen a lot. Some people think I'm an introvert, others an extrovert (depending on how close I am with them). I'm only ever really dramatic with my family members...especially when life throws me a curveball and things are devastating. I make it a point to never share my personal life too much with anyone who isn't in my social circle.