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    Can we be honest about it too? I know Leos love to pretend like they never get bothered, but let’s be real...I know there’s at least that ONE time someone said something, or did something that really messed with your pride or bruised your ego. So what was it? What did they say?

    My ex was a Leo - from what he told me, he hated being betrayed by his friends - people he thought he was close to, only to realize they were using him for certain things. Also not being taken seriously, repeated failures in work or when things didn't go his way. He was also used to having the spotlight all of the time in sports - but when he changed soccer leagues for example, he found that he wasn't accepted on the team as much as the first, and his teammates didn't treat him well. I often used to tell him that they didn't deserve him and that his talent should be put somewhere he was truly appreciated and respected. I knew he was upset about it though, more than he would show.

    In all my past experience - Leo men are sensitive, and deep down they care a lot more than they sometimes show about many things. As a Scorp - I think that's why I'm so drawn to them.

    Dealing with one, and any time I try to stand up for myself, they lash out and jump down my throat and flip it around and chastise me.

    They are extremely manipulative and like to gaslight. Is this a front for those sensitivities? I’ll be honest, I think they’re a stone cold narcissists. If not, they just live up to the cliche stereotype of leos, they’re so arrogant, no one can ever be wrong. This guy has done some horrible things to me, I’ve watched him treat others in a less than considerate way. Today, he twisted it around and told me “he was the victim, and that I’m always trying to make him feel like a sh**y person.” I told him—you feel like a butterty person, because you are a butterty person. Your guilt has nothing to do with me.

    If he’s not flying off in sheer rage and defense, he likes to play aloof. I had surgery a few weeks ago—hence why I was so active on DXP—when I returned to work, he literally asked me if I were on vacation.

    Like he really expected me to buy, that he had no idea I was away on medical leave—even though his exact words “oh right, you had that uhhh tumor thing right? How’d that go!?”

    I know I shouldn’t, I was doing so well paying him dirt. Not giving him any of my energy or time, focusing on myself and my work. But that sent me over, because it was like “wow, what butterty person pretends they don’t know someone—who they know had a tumor—had surgery!? Like who the hell does that!?”
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    I can't say that I've had similar experiences to yours, and I'm sorry to hear you're going through this! (also the fact that he didn't remember your surgery, wtf lol - he's an idiot)

    What I will say - ignorance and selfishness are two traits I've noticed heavily with Leo men. They can never take the blame or ever say sorry for when they treetrunk things up in a relationship. When my ex and I would talk about serious stuff/problems - he'd always say "stop pressuring me, I don't want to talk about this" - and not take responsibility to help fix the problem. They have accountability issues. Judging from what you mentioned about how your Leo treats others...that's not a good sign, unfortunately. If he can't remember the fact that you were going in for surgery...I mean, that'd be a deal-breaker for me.

    He doesn't sound like he's worth your time, and you deserve someone who will take note of these things, look out for you, and can admit when he's wrong and not argue it out just to try to win/turn it on you. How long have you been together?