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    Posted by saggurl88
    Posted by KaryB21
    I know he’s hurt and guarded. He said he’s tired of giving me chances and it’s the same thing. I really want this to work between us but I just keep digging myself into a hole. He reads my messages and doesn’t say anything and that just frustrates me the more. He said our sex was passionate but not enough to make him stay

    Because it’s not about sex. There needs to be an emotional connection and you keep hurting him.
    What are you actually doing to hurt him?
    There are a bunch of Cancer moons here who can be honest and help you out but you seem to want a quick fix to whatever you’re doing.
    And that’s not how it works with Cancer moons. You have to show us that you actually are working on it, so the trust can be built.
    Right now it seems like you’re bringing him towards you just to keep pulling the rug from under him when he’s trying to build trust with you and create a bind with you.
    No one wants their emotions played with like this.
    It’s like putting your hand in a fire over and over again and always getting burned.
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    That’s exactly it. He ended things between us the first time because I was indecisive about my feelings for him. He said he can’t be with someone that wants him one day and the next doesn’t. I apologized to him and told him that that’s something I working on healing. He forgave me but said he still need space. The second time he ended things because he felt like I was moving too fast and not taking time for the relationship to develop so he ended things and told me to never contact him again. We rekindled again two weeks ago and I said something about always doing things on his time table and he got upset and blocked me on FB. I tried reaching out recently and he said he’s done because he’s tired of dealing with the same thing with me. I tried sending him pictures, texts calls nothing he won’t bulge and has been ignoring me for a week.