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  • Posted by malloryor
    Anyway, TELL ME A TIME YOU WITNESSED KARMA HANDED TO SOMEONE? What did they do to you and how do you feel the karma was justified???

    So I was having a conversation with a friend, and we were talking about karma. They were telling me how they’ve always noticed people who hurt them—people who hurt them with the intent of being hurtful—always received their karma.

    For me, not that I necessarily go around wishing for people to be harmed, but I’ve never witnessed someone that hurt me get their karma. In fact, it usually feels the other way around, where they just keep on thriving. To add some context, I have met and attracted a LOT of abusive partners and/or narcissistic gaslighters in my life, starting with my parents. The only good thing that has come from it, is it’s squashed the people pleaser in me. And it’s helped me learn how to say “no” more.

    Omg! I'm so glad someone posted about this!

    Girl, let me tell you. I've witnessed karma play out all too many times to say that it's a fluke. People really do get what they put out - both positively and negatively, good or bad. To be honest, it's why I NEVER chase anyone that leaves my life or anyone that does me wrong. Because I know, deeply, that karma has its own way of giving people what they deserve.

    My best example - would have to be the first man I ever loved. I was really young back then and really truly thought he was the person for me - we were just friends, but very close. He, however, never treated me like I was worth his time and dated other women. I had always felt so betrayed. It got to a point where our friendship became so toxic that he told me he wanted to end it between us. I was heartbroken for some time....but then realized, how much freedom this had bought me. I no longer was tied to the idea that he was the only one for me. Picked myself back up and moved on with my life, worked/played hard, dated many men, and ended up in some really amazing relationships.

    A year after - I saw him again. We chatted. I could tell that he had seen how I had changed and was no longer attached to him. Yet - I could tell, he was really into me. He asked me out and tried REALLY hard to get me back, I gave him a chance. But later realized - wtf had I been thinking in the past? This guy was not all I thought he was - pitiful, deceiving, and not worth my time any longer. I left him and haven't looked back since. This was 100% the biggest karma case I've been through and it felt SO GOOD turning him away after all that he'd done to me - but all the while, I stayed true to myself.

    If you truly believe in karma - it will happen. I would say it's even partially responsible for my current state of things and helping me to find a job I truly love and care about. It's such a real thing for me. I believe that although we may not see it sometimes - people do really get what they deserve. It may happen months, years down the line. But never fails to happen - in the right way, and at the right time. What you put out into the universe - is what you'll get back.