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    You started the game play first by turning your location on an off. Ijs

    Why is this games? It’s weird to have your location on for someone you haven’t even been dating for more than a season. This gem sounds kinda possessive.

    It’s games cause he asked, she gave it. Then turns it off and on knowing he’s gonna see it. Pretty simple.
    Giving your location to a virtual stranger is a whole nother story.

    I see where y’all both come from, it both weirded me out cause it felt controlling and also I felt like it wouldn’t hold his interest if I played wifey with him too soon. Idk if I did the right thing or not. Maybe we were doomed either way, like he said rush it, you’ll ruin it.

    Next time stick to your gut and establish those boundaries. In this case telling him no straight up.
    The right dude is gonna respect your comfort levels.

    Sounds like the initial connection was flames but it’s early days so just see if his interest is gonna remain and use this time to get to know what he’s really about and if it’s right for you.
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    It’s so funny you this^^.

    I feel like a lot of women have this approach when dating a new guy—we kinda diminish ourselves (not every woman obvi) because we don’t want to lose their interest by being too this or too that, so we just go with the flow and let them lead too much, to the point where it’s no longer a healthy creation of respect.

    Ironically enough, having no boundaries is what makes a connection (and a man’s interest) fizzle out the fastest.